Father charged with death of 6-month-old who choked on lollipop

(WSVN) - A South Florida father has been arrested after a mother’s passionate plea in the heartbreaking death of a 6-month-old baby. It’s a follow-up to a 7News investigation. Here’s Brian Entin.

Family members said this 6-month-old baby was always smiling.

Judge: “Let me deal with Mr. Marcell.”

Now, the father, Jermaine Marcell, has been charged with the baby’s death.

Warnisha Davis, mother: “There is not a day that goes by I don’t think about my son, but I’m happy I got justice for him.”

We first talked to the baby’s mom, Warnisha Davis, in June, when she said Marcell took the 6-month-old away from her during an argument, threatened her and ran off.

She said Marcell didn’t have formula, so he gave the baby a lollipop and fell asleep.

The baby choked on the lollipop and died.

But police did not initially arrest the father.

Warnisha Davis: “He was a happy baby. He was laughing all the time. He brought so much joy to my life. I love him so much, and now I can’t see him ever again.”

Two months later, Miami-Dade Police arrested the father. He was charged with kidnapping, manslaughter, child abuse, child neglect, making written threats and battery.

Prosecutor in bond court: “Giving a 6-month-old a lollipop for sustenance as opposed to the formula the child needed.”

Davis said she feels a sense of relief seeing her baby’s father in custody.

But nothing will fill the painful void of losing her only son.

Warnisha Davis: “I feel like there is an empty spot. My son was everything to me. He was my baby. I gave up everything to have my baby and to have him taken away from me by his own father.”

Miami-Dade Police said they have been working with the State Attorney for about two months on this case. Marcell is now behind bars with no bond.


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