Family heartbroken after South Florida moving company loses their belongings

(WSVN) - A family from the Northeast moved to South Florida to start a new life — but what’s missing has left them feeling empty and frustrated. 7’s Brian Entin investigates.

Stephanie Biju, moved to South Florida: “We wanted to put our TV here and the coffee table here. Still waiting on it.”

The Biju family is living in this empty house in Pembroke Pines.

Stephanie Biju: “This is my brother’s room. And there’s absolutely nothing in here.”

No furniture.

Stephanie Biju: “This is my closet. It’s so empty.”

No clothes.

Stephanie Biju: “Like everything is empty.”

Nothing in the kitchen.

Stephanie Biju: “It’s hard enough that you don’t know a lot of people, and now you’re living in an empty house.”

The family moved from New Jersey to South Florida in June because the mom, Ringle, got a new nursing job.

But the moving company they hired, American Van Lines, can’t find their belongings.

Ringle Biju, moved to South Florida: “This is family things. My kids’ albums. My wedding albums. All the Indian clothes.”

They are most heartbroken about their missing family heirlooms — and traditional Indian saris.

Ringle Biju: “It is very hard for me. It’s very, very hard.”

According to their contract, the movers picked up their belongings in New Jersey on June 23.

Their paperwork says the “first date available for delivery” was seven days later on June 30.

That was almost two months ago.

Brian Entin: “Do they know where your stuff is?”

Ringle Biju: “They still don’t know where my stuff is.”

We went to American Van Lines’ headquarters in Pompano Beach.

Brian Entin: “We’re doing a story about the Biju family. They’ve been trying to find their stuff for over a month, and they say that you lost it.”

David Stamey, operations manager: “Well, currently at this point in time, what it is, we believe we delivered it to a different location, an incorrect location.”

The operations manager told me the Biju’s belongings may have been loaded onto the wrong trailer at a transfer warehouse.

Brian Entin: “What went wrong here?”

David Stamey: “Basically, just human error. We understand the inconvenience. We’re heartfelt about this. You know, it’s not something that we want to happen, but it’s something that can happen. So, we’re going to do everything in our power to locate the shipment and get it returned to her.”

But after our interview, the company’s president told us, so far, their search for the Biju’s belongings has been “unsuccessful.” And their shipment may have been accidentally delivered to another customer.

Stephanie Biju: “I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s just so sad.”

This couch is pretty much the only furniture the family has.

So for now, mom, daughter, son, grandma and their dog Cookie sit together and wait.

If American Van Lines can’t find their stuff, the family may have to negotiate a settlement with the company to replace their belongings. The problem is, they say so many of their things are irreplaceable.


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