Davie homeowner says neighbor’s painter oversprayed all over his property

(WSVN) - When your next door neighbor gets his house painted, it’s usually a good thing because it enhances your property. But for one Davie man, that was not the case. 7’s Kevin Ozebek investigates.

Hanging out on the back patio of his Davie home is one of Michael Plana’s favorite things to do.

Michael Plana: “My wife and I take a lot of pride in our property. As you can see, we enjoy our backyard.”

All was well, until his next-door neighbor decided to get his house painted.

Michael Plana: “It was extremely windy. You can see it in the video. The trees are blowing. There is a direct east wind going towards my house.”

Michael and his neighbor, David Lapointe, whose house was being painted, both say they were concerned that the painter was going to use a sprayer in that wind. They told him the spray could go onto Michael’s house next door.

David Lapointe: “We talked about it with Michael and myself, and he seemed to think the wind was going to be fine.”

But Michael says it was anything but fine. His home surveillance video shows the painter working just a few yards away from his new shed, which was left uncovered. You can see the trees blowing in the breeze.

Michael says that wind carried the paint spray onto his property.

Michael Plana: “My shed, which is a total of 3 weeks old, it’s now got overspray on it. On the window there’s overspray. It’s clear; you can see it, all along the bottom corners and the edges. You got overspray all over the gutters.”

He says he asked the painter, who works for Millennium Painting and Pressure Cleaning, inc. in Sunrise, to wait until the wind died down, but he refused.

Michael Plana: “And I could not get him to stop.”

The painter got so annoyed with the interruptions, he called Davie Police to say that Michael was harassing him.

Michael Plana: “I explained to the police officer, there’s no covering on the shed. He said that he couldn’t do anything and that all I would be able to do is follow through after the fact.”

We went to the painting company to see what they had to say. The manager gave us pictures showing the shed, the fence and a concrete slab were covered.

But Michael says that was on the second day of the job.

Michael Plana: “My shed was covered. However, more overspray got on my patio furniture and on the roof.”

Michael did file a complaint, and days later, he and David met with the manager about the damage.

David Lapointe: “He said that he was going to come back Monday, and they were going to take care of it.”

Kevin Ozebek: “Take care of it meaning?”

David Lapointe: “Clean it. I took it that they were going to — I don’t know how they take care of it, if they pressure clean it.”

The owner and manager here at Millennium Painting and Pressure Cleaning wouldn’t speak to us on camera. They told us off camera they have visited Michael twice and have seen the paint droplets but are adamant that those droplets did not come from their painter.

Michael Plana: “I’m up in arms. I’m in a pickle. I don’t know where to start or how to fix it.”

Michael says, if the paint company won’t clean up the mess, he may have to go to court.


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