(WSVN) - A South Florida man says a poorly maintained sidewalk cost him hundreds, but no one will take responsibility for it. And in tonight’s 7News investigation, Brian Entin says the money is only part of what he lost.

For years, Roy drove 18-wheelers across the country, but a motorcycle accident changed his life forever.

Judith Young, Roy’s wife: “His leg was broken in about 11 places. He had to learn to walk again, and he has some cognitive problems from atrophying in his brain.”

He was forced to give up driving … a devastating blow to an independent man.

Judith Young: “Think about when you used to drive an 18-wheeler and go all the way across the country and now you can’t even drive a car.”

This scooter got Roy on the move again.

Roy Young, uses mobility scooter: “I use it to go places that are a necessity.”

Judith Young: “He can go up to the shopping center on the corner and go to Burger King and everything. It’s not a toy. It is his independence.”

Then, in December 2017, Roy accidentally ran over this metal post sticking out of the sidewalk, near the intersection of Northeast 10th Avenue and Ives Dairy Road. His scooter lost power, stranding him on the side of the road until Judith could leave work to get to him.

Judith Young: “He could have been right into traffic, and that’s scary to think of that.”

Roy wasn’t injured, but the scooter was out of commission for two months.

Roy Young: “What little freedom you had is gone.”

Judith Young: “That’s his independence. He doesn’t have any other way to get around.”

Judith says the metal post should have been marked as a hazard.

She sent these pictures to Miami-Dade County, asking the county to reimburse her the $654 it cost to repair Roy’s scooter.

Judith Young: “No paint on it, no cones, nothing.”

The county sent Judith this letter denying her claim saying, “no liability exists on the part of Miami-Dade County.”

Judith Young: “I’m sorry, I don’t agree. You are responsible when it’s on a public right of way and you haven’t even bothered to paint it orange.”

Miami-Dade Internal Services turned down 7’s request for an interview. Officials sent this statement stating they “are unable to discuss or release any information concerning our decision about this claim.”

After Judith’s claim to Miami-Dade County, this pole was attached to the metal sticking out of the sidewalk and Judith wants to know why the pole wasn’t put there sooner.

Judith Young: “But now you’ve put a pole on it, so obviously you recognize there’s an issue.”

Judith is upset the county isn’t willing to help, but she says she and Roy have come through much worse. Judith says they will get through this too.

Judith Young: “You take one day at a time. You take what God gives you.”

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