Crash Course: Dangerous intersection forces family from home

(WSVN) - A South Florida family has fled their home in fear, and you won’t believe why. 7News investigates this “Crash Course” with Brian Entin.

It was supposed to be their dream home, but the nightmare soon began.

Carlos Bermudez, homeowner: “First crash came right through here.”

This SUV came inches from the family’s living room.

Ethan Bermudez, 10-year-old son: “Like a big thunder just hitting right there in our backyard.”

Then a pickup truck smashed through their fence.

Andrew Bermudez, 8-year-old son: “The car, like, was busted and all the parts were, like, crushed.”

Weeks later, this van went on the same crash course — even taking out their air conditioner. Three crashes in three months, leaving their yard destroyed.

Carlos Bermudez: “It’s a scary thought, because, I mean, at any given moment, you know, my kids’ lives are in danger.”

The cars crash right in the spot where Carlos Bermudez’s kids play.

Carlos Bermudez: “The first guy, he was pinned — I can see him from my window. He was pinned up against the airbag and he was trying to get out.”

This community in Southwest Miami-Dade was built recently along Southwest 117th Avenue.

With so many new homes, there’s more traffic. And Carlos says the intersection in front of the development has became dangerous.

Carlos Bermudez: “That stop sign is way too far to the right. People coming this way do not see it until they are in the intersection themselves.”

We saw some cars speeding and others driving the wrong way.

It has gotten so bad for Carlos, he has moved his family out of their new home.

Carlos Bermudez: “I can’t live here right now until they make a change. Because at any given moment … my kids’ security is at jeopardy right now.”

Brian Entin: “Carlos says he has been calling the county for months, pleading with them to put up stop signs. But he says he has gotten nowhere.”

Carlos Bermudez: “I don’t know what type of evidence they need. I mean, do they need a dead body outside?”

Ethan Bermudez: “I would say please put stop signs to prevent all these accidents from happening.”

We went to Miami-Dade Public Works with the complaints and the pictures.

Brian Entin: “What can you do to make this intersection safer?”

Darlene Fernandez: “So what we’re doing today is, we had reviewed the study at that location and we’re going to be installing a four-way stop sign.”

The county says traffic studies usually take 90 days. But hours after our interview, the new stop signs were installed.

It’s what Carlos has been fighting for, and he’s convinced the crashes will stop.

Carlos Bermudez: “My kids are my priority. My wife’s safety. Their safety.”

The family can finally move back into the new home they’ve been waiting to enjoy.


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