(WSVN) - Have you heard of an app called Cash App? It’s a way for people to share money. Well, one couple is sorry they ever used it. They say their cash was zapped right out of their accounts. 7’s Brian Entin has more.

Margarita and David use the popular app called Cash App. It lets users transfer money to one another.

Once you sign up, you get a debit card to make payments.

They use Cash App to get paid for side jobs and split dinner checks.

Everything was going great until David lost his debit card.

He Googled to find a phone number to report it missing.

David Rosenbloom, Cash App user: “I called them and they answered and said, ‘Thank you for calling Cash App.'”

He gave the person on the phone his account information. He was then told to remove the app from his phone.

David Rosenbloom: “While I was uninstalling the app, they went in to my account, entered all the information I gave and transferred out $2,900.”

And David isn’t alone.

Other Cash App users have had the same problem.

Cosmo Hill says when he called what he thought was a customer service number, someone took $1,550.

Cosmo Hill, Cash App user: “He’s saying, ‘OK, what’s the phone number? And what’s the email address? Then I can help you. I’m Cash App tech support.'”

Thieves had created fake toll free numbers to trick Cash App customers.

Most didn’t realize they had been scammed until they were asked to spend more money to get their money back.

David Rosenbloom: “They said we need you to buy a $500 Google Play card.”

The person on the phone told David he had to send in the $500 gift card in order for them to restore the money to his account.

David called the number again while 7News was there.

Fake rep: “That’s perfectly fine, you can record this conversation.”

At first, the person on the phone treated it like a normal call.

David Rosenbloom: “You’re trying to scam me. This is all a fraud.”

Fake rep: “No sir, I’m not trying to scam you. I’m asking what’s your Cash App account? Your email or your phone number.”

But the call turned nasty when David and Margarita told them they knew it was a scam.

Fake rep: “You are a jobless [expletive].”

Margarita: “Oh no, we’re doing it for Channel 7 News, sweetheart.”

Fake rep: “Oh shut up you [expletive].”

As it turns out, Cash App doesn’t even have a publicized customer service number.

The company says Cash App communicates mostly via email, adding they never ask for PIN numbers or sign in codes outside of the app.

David Rosenbloom: “I don’t want others getting scammed.”

David and Margarita got their money back.

The company is still investigating Cosmo’s case.

The FBI says any victims of a scam of this nature can report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center by clicking here.


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