(WSVN) - Hundreds of people from across the country are now saying they were victims of a scam involving a popular cash sharing app. We first exposed the problems last month. 7News’ Brian Entin has more on people getting their “Cash Zapped.”

When we first introduced you to Margarita and David, they were being cursed out by a man who claimed to work for Cash App, the popular app that lets users transfer money to one another.

They thought they had dialed Cash App’s customer service number, but instead got a crook who scammed them out of $2,900.

Cosmo Hill claims he also lost money after searching online for Cash App’s customer service number and calling for help.

Cosmo Hill, Cash App user: “You Google a number, thought it was Cash App ’cause it says Cash App from Google. It was amazing that Cash App is on Google, and it’s not real.”

But Cash App is also a victim in this scam, because they only communicate with customers through their app and email.

Since our story aired, we have received dozens of voicemails from people who didn’t know that.

Voicemail 1: “I’m definitely been going through hell and back trying to reach with someone through Cash App.”

Voicemail 2: “I’m calling about the app Cash [App], and I was scammed out of $1,300.”

We’ve also received emails from victims all over the country, including Regina Parham from Virginia.

Regina Parham, Cash App user: “I spoke to three different people. They spoke with a really heavy accent.”

Some people didn’t even realize they had been taken until they saw our story.

Jeannette Pereyra, former Cash App user: “We saw it on Channel 7, and we were like, ‘OK, this is it, definitely.'”

Carmen Hernandez, former Cash App user: “Everyone at work was like, ‘Call Channel 7.'”

Holly Apetz, another 7News viewer, lost $1,600 that she needed to pay her rent.

Holly Apetz, Cash App user: “Within minutes, I hear my other phone ‘ding ding,’ and he’s taking all my money $96, $99, $199.”

With the complaints mounting, the president of the Florida Bankers Association has issued a warning. He says users of any money sharing app should know that the apps are not banks and do not have any of the federal protections that traditional banks carry.

Alex Sanchez, Florida Bankers Association: “You can go to any FDIC bank and get attention really quick, in person or on the phone, online.”

Cash App tells 7News that all complaints are being investigated, and some viewers say they have received their money back through the app.

Some have gotten help through their banks.

Jeannette Pereyra: “We deleted it. We are using the bank.”

Bottom line: No matter where you put your money, it’s a good idea to be wary of getting your cash zapped.


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