Broward front-line workers say home contractor owes them thousands, didn’t do work

(WSVN) - A Broward nurse is working on the front lines of South Florida’s COVID fight, but now she needs help. She says a contractor hired to fix her driveway drove away with her money. 7’s Brian Entin investigates.

Lynette Sonntag and Steve Rondinone are co-workers, but they’re not talking business these days.

They recently found out they hired the same contractor for jobs at their separate homes, and both say they are still waiting for the work to be done.

Lynette Sonntag: “He hasn’t made any attempt to even try to start on the work.”

Lynette hired Master Pavers and Remodeling in Pompano Beach to upgrade her porch and fix her driveway. She says it took too long to finish the porch, so she cancelled the driveway project and asked for a refund of her $4,300 deposit.

Lynette Sonntag: “He refused, and he said he didn’t have it at that time, and he said that he’s not used to people cancelling on them, and that it would be better if he just went ahead and did it for me.”

Lynette reluctantly agreed, figuring it was the only way she would not lose her money.

But he never showed up to do the work.

Lynette Sonntag: “I got some got texts from him saying that he was in bad shape, that financially he was having problems. He kept dragging it out, dragging it out, giving me excuses, not returning phone calls, not returning texts.”

Steve is trying to get back a $2,700 deposit he paid Master Pavers and Remodeling to work on his driveway.

Steve Rondinone: “We’re going on nine months now and still no work done.”

He says the work never started because the company owner, Jeff Wilson, could not or would not show proof of insurance.

Steve Rondinone: “From what I gather, he’s not licensed. He’s working under a license.”

We searched the state’s database of business and professional licenses. We did not find any licenses for Master Pavers and Remodeling or Jeff Wilson.

The license number listed on Steve and Lynette’s contracts belongs to a different construction business in Plantation.

We tried calling.

Voicemail: “Hi. This is Jeff. For remodels and pavers, give us a call back. Sorry, mailbox is full. To send an SMS notification, press 5.”

We sent a text. We are still waiting for a response.

Lynette said she’s not surprised.

Lynette Sonntag: “I work hard for my money, so I expect the same from other people, at least to live up to their word.”

Lynette and Steve say they still want to keep fighting, even if it might be a lost cause.


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