(WSVN) - A hit-and-run crash left an army national guardsman fighting for his life. Now, one year later, his mom feels alone in her ongoing battle to care for him. The Nightteam’s Heather Walker has tonight’s 7 Investigates.

Sgt. Jahmaar Williams/2019: “You miss out on the first step, first words, very first moments of everything.”

This was staff sergeant Jahmaar Williams in 2019, holding his son before being deployed overseas.

Sgt. Jahmaar Williams/2019: “Not being there when he cries, not being there when he’s hungry, just the simple stuff.”

Five years later, the 32-year-old is now being cared for by his mother, Eleska Moore.

Eleska Moore/mother: “He’s not able to walk. He’s not able to talk. He’s not able to go to the bathroom. He’s not able to bathe himself. I have to brush his teeth. My son is 6’1. So can you imagine having a newborn baby that’s 6’1? That’s how it’s like.”

Eleska spoke with us from her home near Houston, where she brought Jahmaar to live.

Eleska Moore: “For me and my family, it has been a nightmare that you’re just not able to wake up from.”

Last year, on March 4, Jahmaar was trying to walk across Pembroke Road in Miramar, when he was hit, the driver took off.

Days later, his family pleaded for help from the public.

Eleska Moore/March 2023: “I’m asking any of you that know anything just to come forward.”

Jahmaar, a 12-year member of the Army National Guard was in a coma and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Eleska Moore/March 2023: “My son is full of life and to see him not be able to move, it’s extremely hard.”

Heather Walker: “As the agonizing anniversary approaches, Eleska says Jahmaar served his country but she feels he is being forgotten at a time that he needs support the most.”

Eleska Moore: “The first week in January, I received a knock on the door, which was a certified letter from the National Guard saying that they wanted to discharge my son.”

The letter says the reason for the “honorable discharge” was his “failure to meet medical retention standards”.

Eleska Moore: “This was no fault of my son, that he’s not fit for duty. Someone hit him.”

Eleska says a discharge would mean her Jahmaar would lose certain benefits like his military insurance.

Coverage that helps pay for a mountain of medication and special nutrition that Jahmaar receives through a feeding tube.

Eleska Moore: “If he loses his insurance, I’m going to have to pay $1,500 a month for his food.”

Eleska also got bad news from the Florida Attorney General’s Office. This letter declares Jahmaar ineligible for victim’s compensation because his “conduct contributed” to his injuries. The crash report says he “failed to yield.”

Eleska Moore: “My son was the victim. He was not the problem, he was the victim.”

Seven months after the crash, police arrested Tremaine Herbert accused of hitting Jahmaar and taking off.

Tremaine Herbert/October 2023: “No comment.”

7news Reporter: “OK, nothing to his mom?”

Herbert is charged with driving on a suspended license without insurance.

Eleska Moore: “He’s out. He gets to talk. He gets to walk.”

Jahmaar’s son, Israel, is now five years old.

Eleska Moore: “And his son is still like, ‘When is my dad going to be able to talk?’ What do you tell a five year old?”

Eleska understands that Jahmaar will eventually need to be discharged from the guard, but she’s asking the military to review his case so that he can keep as many benefits as possible.

Eleska Moore: “Jahmaar was proud to be in the National Guard. He loved being in the military.”

As far as what the future holds for his recovery.

Eleska Moore: “I’m believing God to do a miracle in my son’s life. I have to believe that. Jahmaar had a smile that lit up the world. Coming up on a year, I have not seen my son smile.”

For now, she continues to keep the faith that she will one day see her son smile again.

After we contacted the Florida Attorney General’s office, they told us they would reach out to Jahmaar’s mom about him being denied victim compensation.

Heather Walker, 7News.


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