It's a walk down memory lane.

LAURA LINNEY: "It's reminiscent of a time where things were more intimate."

"Hyde Park on Hudson" stars Oscar-nominated actor Bill Murray as President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It's about a wild weekend back in 1939,

when FDR hosted the King and Queen of England at his home in upstate New York. The story is told by Daisy, played by Laura Linney. Daisy was FDR's cousin.

LAURA LINNEY: "His fifth cousin, who he had a very devoted friendship with, that many people believe was romantic as well, and not just platonic."

Hmmm, cousin. Is fifth far enough removed?

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "It's different."

LAURA LINNEY: "It has a different quality to it."

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "It really does."

LAURA LINNEY: "It's easy to watch. It's beautiful to look at. You're learning a little bit of the historical and a little bit about…it's fictional."

Hmmm… And then there's the iconic Eleanor, FDR's wife, known as one of the most esteemed women to ever grace the planet, played by Olivia Williams.

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "I've seen the photographs of her before, and she was handsome, would be a way to describe her."

OLIVIA WILLIAMS: "Yeah, she was tall, she was big, but she was embarrassed about her appearance as a young woman. Her whole life seemed to be devoted to putting people at ease about how they looked. She didn't give a damn about clothes and makeup. She had more important things to be doing."

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "That would be so liberating! I wish I wasn't so superficial."

OLIVIA WILLIAMS: "Well, there's a reason why it was called women's liberation."

As an actor, there can be a lot of traps trying to play someone so celebrated.

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "How do you not make it an imitation?"

OLIVIA WILLIAMS: "I can kind of listen to a voice, and watch how a person moves, and just channel that via my body."

Let's see: a president, his wife, his, uh, cousin. Throw in a mother-in-law, and the King and Queen of England? Hmmm. Do I even know my fifth cousin?

OLIVIA WILLIAMS: "It's actually a farce, isn't it really?


OLIVIA WILLIAMS: I mean, like the French farces, with the people going out one door and coming out the other. It was a crazy arrangement they had down there at Hyde Park."

Things I know for sure. Life is twisted: sex, politics, power and money. History buffs say FDR was a real ladies man, despite his physical disabilities. I just think he was a great president, and I bet his cousin did, too.

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