The Chef: Tom AzarThe Restaurant: City Hall The Dish: House Blend Meat Loaf


8 oz. of ground veal8 oz. of ground beef8 ox. of ground pork2 tsp of kosher saltblack pepper, to taste2 tsp of onion powder1/4 cup of ketchup1/2 of a large onion, chopped1/2 red pepper, chopped1/2 green pepper, chopped1/2 yellow pepper, chopped1 carrot, chopped1 egg1/4 cup of worcestershire sauce1 Tbs. garlic, minced3 Tbs. of bread crumb

Method of Preparation:

-In a bowl, combine veal, beef and pork. Then, add salt, black pepper, onion powder, ketchup, chopped onion, peppers and carrot.

-Next, add one egg, worcestershire sauce and garlic. Mix this all together.

-After, toss in some bread crumbs and mix again.

-At the restaurant, they bake the meat mixture in individual baking molds. First cook in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes.

-Then, glaze the meat loaf and bake for another 30 minutes.

Ingredients for meat loaf glaze:

1 cup of ketchup1/4 cup of honey1 tsp. of ground cumin1 tsp. of Tabasco1 tsp. of worcestershire sauce

Method of Preparation:

-Combine all the ingredients.

To Plate:

Chef Tom likes to serve a side of green beans, mashed potato and fried onions.

Serves: 4

Serving Suggestion: Cabernet Sauvignon


City Hall the Restaurant2004 Biscayne BlvdMiami, FL 33137(305)  

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