WSVN — From 4K TV to watches that make a high-tech fashion statement, time never stands still in the world of gadgets. 7’s Craig Stevens shows us the hottest items sure to top wish lists this holiday season.

Television has never looked so good. An ultra high-definition 4K TV has four times the clarity of your standard high def set.

Vince Cipollone: “More pixels, more resolution, it’s more of everything. It’s an absolute perfect picture.”

BrandsMart is bursting with big screens from Sony to Samsung to LG, some 4K’s even boasting curves to enhance the holiday home theater experience.

So sit back and relax.

Vince Cipollone: “This is where it’s at.”

Bluetooth speakers are always a hot and cool choice for the music lover on your list.

The “Bose SoundLink Color” packs a lot of sound into a small package for $129.

Vince Cipollone: “Unbelievable for such a little, tiny thing. It will fill the room up with sound.”

On a more personal note, try on a pair of “Beats by Dr. Dre” noise-cancelling headphones.

Vince Cipollone: “Even though there’s a lot of noise here, I can’t hear it and I’m enjoying it a lot.”

In 2014, shelve your old tablet and pick up something new. There’s the “Microsoft Surface Pro 3” with a detachable keyboard and the “iPad Air 2”, the thinnest iPad to date.

Speaking of Apple, bigger is better this year when talking smart phones, but the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have some competition.

Check out the powerful camera on the “HTC Desire EYE”.

Caio Farias: “It’s the first phone on the market to have a 13-megapixel front-facing camera. So if you like taking selfies, this is the phone for you.”

And the curved, touch display of the “Samsung GALAXY Note Edge.”

It’s the emerging category in the tech world, but will wearable devices catch fire this holiday season?

Kelly Starling: “Think about it. Dick Tracy was the one talking to his watch and now we’re in 2014 and it’s back to the future.”

The “Moto 360” and “LG Watch R”, both feature classic, circular watch faces but these smartwatches can count your steps and check your heart rate.

Or phone home with the curved “Samsung Gear S”.

Caio Farias: “How are you doing?”

Kelly Starling: “Hi Caio!”

Caio Farias: “You can have it playing music and you can go out for a jog. It has a built-in GPS.”

This gadget is geared to your kids but the whole family can play “Osmo.”

Co-founded by two former Google employees, Osmo features a mirror that attaches to an iPad’s front-facing camera. Osmo sees real-time movements, allowing children to interact with technology and each other in a new way.

Pramod Sharma: “That was really the core inspiration, bringing social interaction, other people in the game play.”

Osmo comes with a word and puzzle game and costs $79. iPad not included.

And finally for the person who has everything, we present the “Selfie toaster.”

It’s the brainchild of a Vermont company whose bread-and-butter is selling novelty toasters. Stainless steel plates burn your face into your breakfast. For $69, you’ll literally be the toast of your holiday party.

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