(WSVN) - A South Florida woman is changing the lives of Broward County students. At first, she volunteered to listen to their problems, but what she heard prompted her to start a charity that brings Christmas to the kids. 7’s Robbin Simmons has more in tonight’s Hope and Healing.

Regina Champlin Igoe, Make A Miracle: “They don’t have Christmas. How do they dream?”

One simple question…

Regina Champlin Igoe: “I asked him what are you gonna do for Christmas and he said, ‘I’ve never had Christmas.'”

…Is all it took to spark the desire for Regina Champlin Igoe to change lives.

Regina Champlin Igoe: “I said, ‘OK, I’ll make Christmas for the school.'”

And for the past 10 years, Regina has been making miracles happen — bringing love, life, and hope to thousands of under priveleged kids.

Rosemila Pierre, Make a Miracle: “She helps us with everything. She puts food in our stomachs when we’re hungry. She helps us with everything.”

The kids submit a list asking for things like bicycles and mp3 players.

Then, there are these wishes.

Regina Champlin Igoe: “They don’t always ask for toys, they’ll ask for food for their mom or eyeglasses, eye exams.”

Those are ones that force Regina to fight back the tears.

Regina Champlin Igoe: “It just shouldn’t be that way.”

Now 10 years later, Make A Miracle has developed into much more.

Regina Champlin Igoe: “It turned from Christmas gifts that I started bringing them here to if they got suspended, I brought them to the house.”

It’s expanded to also celebrating the Easter holiday. It has kids at both Northside Elementary and Martin Luther King Elementary.

Regina Champlin Igoe: “I just want them to succeed. I want them to have the opportunities that my children have.”

When these kids need a safety zone — Regina is always it.

Regina Champlin Igoe: “One night one little girl was there by herself with a baby and her pipes broke and there was three inches of water in their house and I was there helping her turn the water off. There’s lots of things I do with these kids.”

While Regina is the Santa Claus of the group, she has plenty of elves. One of them — the home sharing service Airbnb.

Ben Breit, Airbnb Florida: “She has a heart of gold, we’re so proud that our service and the income she earns for renting out the rooms in her home to visitors through Airbnb can help contribute to this incredible foundation.”

Such partnerships allow Regina to focus on impacting lives.

The result of her work? Rosemila Pierre who credits Regina’s gift of giving for turning her life around.

Rosemila Pierre: “I probably would be doing something I shouldn’t be doing if she didn’t take me in how she did.”

Regina Champlin Igoe: “Just a little bit of love, just a little bit of attention to them, they blossom.”

Regina is still furiously shopping for this year’s gifts. And says she could use some extra elves. If you’d like to help go to: https://www.facebook.com/MakeAMiracleFTL/?fref=ts or contact Regina at (954) 803-1780.

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