(WSVN) — There are so many choices out there for your child’s education. A growing trend is home schooling. But how do you know if it’s the right choice for your family. 7’s Lynn Martinez takes a closer look in today’s Parent to Parent.

This may look like a fun video game but these kids are actually in school at home. Anthony and his little sister started Learning in the Livingroom about a year ago, when their parents noticed Penelope was having trouble reading.

Patricia Nieto: “Why is she struggling and why is she feeling she’s falling behind?

But when Patricia looked into home schooling she got mixed reactions from family and friends.

Patricia Nieto: “The biggest pushback that everybody gives you is well how are they going to make any friends?”

Education expert John Edelson says making the decision to homeschool is a huge one for families.

John Edelson: “It’s interesting that it’s on so many people’s minds.”

John says most programs are now offered online like Time 4 Learning an interractive program he created.

John Edelson: “We are an automated, online, multi-media program that takes the children systematically through the materials from pre-k through 12th.”

But John says just because programs like this make it easier you still need to “do your homework before taking the home school plunge.”

First, spend time with your child.

John Edelson: “Get to know your child the way a teacher or a school would.”

John Edelson: “Their learning styles, their needs, their strengths and their deficits.”

Next look at the kind of parent you are can you commit to overseeing your child’s school work every day?

John Edelson: “I’ve often been surprised with what parents have stepped up to.”

If you do think homeschooling is for you make sure you “make the grade” by finding a curriculum that is suited to them.

Patricia decided to home school her kids, because she wanted them to have more time to explore their passions.

Right now her son is into video production. She is using the Time 4 Learning program.

Patricia Nieto: “For me it gives me piece of mind, because I know my kids have all the subjects covered.”

Plus, Patricia found a homeschool group that meets once a week.

Patricia Nieto: “They get to hang out with other kids…”

Learning at home get’s a high grade from Penelope and Anthony.

Anthony: “I can have my own schedule.”

Most importantly, the family says now they can spend more time together.

Time for learning is offered on a month to month contract.

Time 4 Learning
(954) 771-0914

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