Jason Statham is back in action and some might think he looks pretty good in his new movie “Homefront”. But thats not the only reason we love him. You see our love for Jason isn’t one-sided. Tonight Lynn Martinez says Jason loves us back.

If you want to see Jason Statham fight a whole bunch of bad guys.

Consider watching homefront. In the film, a former DEA agent and his daughter move to a small town. But when he crosses paths with a local drug ring, he must to do anything to protect his kid.

Homefront was written by Sylvester Stallone.

Jason Statham – “I think anything written by Sylvester Stallone is always of an amazing quality.”

But that wasn’t the only reason Jason Statham wanted the role.

Jason – “This came and it had a great story, had a great relationship with the dad and the daughter and everything was just, felt like an old fashioned type of movie that just had a lot of heart and thats always a good thing.”

What attracted Deco to the movie? Take a guess.

Jason – “Come on Miami. Love Miami. The culture, the beach, the whole vibe down there is just different, its different than anywhere I’ve been. I love Miami.”

Yeah, we got a thing for Stathem. And he’s got a thing for us.

Jason – “Made a movie there once It was in the summer and we were cursed with two hurricanes, we had to evacuate South Beach and it was very humid but that still doesn’t deter my affection, I still love it.”

Little Izabela Vidovic plays Jason’s daughter in the movie. And gets an action scene of her own.

Izabela – “That was awesome. That was actually a very long day because I had to hit him and hit him and hit him, I kinda felt bad cuz he was really nice but that was a lot of fun.”

And being praised by one of the kings of the action world? Made it even better.

Jason – “It’s very difficult to do because its all about timing and getting it right and having the explosive power and all of those things were there, so top job.”

You know what they say like father, like daughter.