Home for the Holidays Makeover

WSVN — Moving into your first home is exciting until the stress of decorating sets in. Our makeover maestro is in the holiday spirit and jumping in to help make over a family’s first living room in tonight’s Room for Improvement.

Martin Amado: "Hi guys. So, we have a special Room for Improvement. Here I am with Abby. She’s a first time homeowner. Of course, the excitement of getting the keys to your brand new home and then reality sets in… It was just a house and not a home."

Martin Amado: "I’m going to get to work and then we’ll surprise you at the end and hopefully you like it!"

Martin Amado: "Even though we already have a sectional, the living room is pretty much naked. Bare walls and windows. It’s missing all the decorative touches that give this space personality. Let’s get to work."

Martin Amado: "The sectional is cutting the window in half, making it appear much shorter than it really is even though we have tall ceilings. I’m addressing that by installing the rod and panels much higher on the walls."

Martin Amado: "I chose bronze because if you notice it also matches the ceiling fan. Now, your eye goes up and the window is more in proportion with the ceiling height."

Martin Amado: "Abby loves destressed pieces, so I’m hoping she falls in love with this panel that I found. Perfect bubble in the center. Am I good or what?"

Martin Amado: "Our walls are dressed! Time to tackle the floor."

Martin Amado: "Perfect! Now, this end table and lamp fill up the empty space that was next to the sofa. 

Martin Amado: "Your centerpiece is being served. Just enough to decorate around the TV without obstructing the view."

Martin Amado: "Perfect box for all of the dog leashes or even keys on mail when you walk into the house."

Martin Amado: "Perfect box for all of the dog leashes or even keys on mail when you walk into the house."

Martin Amado: "And, the finishing touch to complete this living room makeover is this beautiful artwork that Abby already had. It was just waiting for a perfect place on the wall."

Martin Amado: "You recently moved in about how many months ago?" 

Abby: "About six weeks."

Martin Amado: "Wow, OK, so open your eyes." 

Abby: "Wow! That is awesome. Love it."

Martin Amado: "I don’t know where to start. I think the fact that there’s stuff on the walls and they’re not bare now."

Martin Amado: "Thank you Abby for letting me do this. Congrats to you and C.J. and the entire family. The viewers at home, remember there’s more tips online in our online extra and thank you for watching and we’ll se you next time on another Room for Improvement."

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