MIAMI (WSVN) — Teenagers at Holtz Children’s Hospital were able to forget about their troubles for a night.

Teenage patients, like Monica Bayona, were able to participate in the third annual Prom Carnival 2016 event, Friday night. "This is actually like two years ever since we’ve been to this, like a prom event, because I go in a hospital and we don’t have a chance to do this, so it’s exciting for the both of us," said Bayona.

Bayona suffers from asthma and cystic fibrosis, which keeps her spending a lot of time in and out of the hospital. "Because my asthma was acting up and my cystic fibrosis was acting up, I found out I have a hole in my heart," she said.

In the name of dancing, laughing and memories, Monica Bayona decided she would leave those worries at the door for Prom Carnival 2016. "Everyone is happy, celebrating life," said Bayona. "and enjoying themselves, having a good time dancing."

Event organizer Taylor Sennett is a senior at Miami Country Day School. She, alongside People in Crisis United, helped bring smiles to patients. "Everyone’s happy, everyone’s celebrating their life, everyone is enjoying themselves and having a good time dancing," said Sennett.

The teens got to choose from outfits donated to them and Beauty Schools of America helped the girls do their hair and make-up.

Another patient, Micah Micardle, knows that events like prom can make even the most difficult of problems disappear for a bit. "For one night, at least for a couple hours, it makes everybody forget about what they’re going through and feel normal and have fun," said Micardle.

People in Crisis United

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