The holiday season is traditionally a time of giving and many choose to gift everyone from the dog walker to the hair stylist. On today’s Money Monday, we have some advice from the experts about who you should include on that holiday list.

WSVN — As the holidays creep up on us that list of people to get gifts for just keeps growing.

Nino Pernetti: “I think it’s a good gesture on Christmas or the holidays to recognize the people who do a good job for us.”

It’s normal to want to show your gratitude to those who help you out during the year, but it can make Christmas shopping even more stressful.

Carla Revak: “It’s overwhelming. Especially when you have big families and friends and then you have services added to that list, and it’s a little bit overwhelming.”

For some on the list a gift of money is appropriate.

Robin Wells: “I believe a live-in nanny or baby-sitter, a housekeeper. In my opinion, in my particular lifestyle, I do give them cash.”

Experts suggest you tip a baby-sitter one or two nights pay or a gift card. If you have a housekeeper that comes every week and does a great job, budget up to one week’s pay.

That hairstylist and nail expert keep you looking your best so throw in an extra session’s pay to show your gratitude. As for your postal carrier, keep it under $20.

Robin Wells: “I make her things. I give her maybe a gift card. It’s always under $20 which is what the rule is for postal workers.”

But cash is a bad idea for your teachers.

Robin Wells: “It looks like you’re buying favors when you give a teacher money.”

Instead find a unique house plant or bake some goodies, and don’t forget the note.

Karen Colbert: “The notes are very important because I want them to know how much they’ve affected my child or my family or me.”

Just make sure you check your spelling and grammar. Overall the key to holiday giving is doing what feels right.

Robin Wells: “There’s no rules. There’s no rules here. There’s suggestions for how you can best gift or thank someone.”

Lynn Martinez: “Robin suggests searching online for holiday gifting or tipping suggestions too.”


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