WSVN — If you like to decorate every inch of your house for the holidays, our makeover maestro knows a spot you missed. Martin Amado shows us how to decorate one part of our home that will leave your guests in awe.

Martin Amado: “This is the time of the year that we fill our home with holiday cheer. We decorate everything from our trees, our landscaping and even our tables for all those family get togethers. But, have you stopped for a moment to look up? On today’s ‘Room for Improvement’, it’s all about decorating a holiday chandelier that reflects your holiday style.”

Martin Amado: “The inspiration is to give this plain chandelier an elegant, frozen look. Which is the reason I kept all the accessories in this silver, iridescent finish.”

Martin Amado: “Mini lamp shades like these are a great way to always update the look of a chandelier. In our case, I like the plain bulb.”

Martin Amado: “What’s great about these wire branches is you can really bend them to fit the contours of the chandelier for a custom look.”

Martin Amado: “Take a moment and take a look at your decor from the table up because remember this is your view. It looks beautiful, kind of like a winter wonderland forest. Let’s continue.”

Martin Amado: “The hardest part is already done. Now, we can have fun with all the ornaments. But first, let’s install a string of lights that are battery operated just to give the chandelier a little extra sparkle.”

Martin Amado: “The finishing touch is to hang these ornaments around the bottom using fishing line to appear as if it’s floating in mid-air.”

Martin Amado: “It’s nice to hang them at different heights.”

Martin Amado: “This is looking beautiful. Now, let’s finish it off with a tablescape to compliment the chandelier.”

Martin Amado: “A good tip is to match your chandelier’s decor to your table setting to keep everything consistent. I used silver finishes and a beaded garland for a more elegant style, but you can still use a pine garland and more traditional colors for a festive touch. The beauty is, it all works. Until next time, I’m Martin Amado for 7News. Happy holidays.”

Need some creative decorating suggestions? Email martin for help at room@wsvn.Com or give him a call at 305-576-home or 954-962-home.

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