Marriage & the movies.

HELEN MIRREN: "This was one of great, enduring, hollywood marriages of all time."

Hitchcock is about the directors professional & personal relationship with his wife during the filming of his most successful movie "Psycho."

Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins plays Alfred Hitchock. Oscar winner Helen Mirren plays his wife, Alma.

Shireen: "How would you describe this love story?"

HELEN MIRREN: "It's a partnership, if you happen to be in a good relationship, which I am, at the moment, thank God for that."

Shireen: "You're so funny. Hope everything's good when you get home."

HELEN MIRREN: "Hope all is fine when I get home."

Helen & Sir Hopkins go way back, but it was their first time on screen together.

Toni Collete plays Hitchcock's trusted assistant — the characters have a long history and the actors do, too. Toni starred with Anthony in her first movie the efficiency expert.

Shireen: "What was it like this time, verses your very first movie?"

TONI COLLETTE: "My first movie I was 17. It was 1991. I was nervous because it was my first movie, and then it was like OK, Anthony Hopkins, a living legen. I was a mess around him."

TONI COLLETTE: "This time, learning about who he is as a person now, and being an adult myself, he's a complete sweetheart. Obviously a brilliant actor, and just a really generous person and he made me laugh every single day."

Jessica Beil stars opposite hopkins as vera miles. One of the actresses Hitch became obsessed with.

Shireen: "What was your experience like working with Sir Anthony Hopkins?"

JESSICA BIEL: "He's so able to emote so intensely by doing almost nothing."

Shireen: "Very subtle."

JESSICA BIEL: "So subtle."

Shireen: "He makes it look so easy."

JESSICA BIEL: "He can terrify you or make you fall in love with him, by just looking at you."

Shireen: "I would be intimidate, obviously i'm not an actor but I'd be like."

JESSICA BIEL: "It is intimidating."

Shireen: "It would be like me hanging out with barbara walters"

JESSICA BIEL: "It's terrifying but i bet she's amazing, warm and cool and that's how he is."

No matter how many times a fabulous female stars with Hopkins: He's always smooth and delicious. Kind of like a good chianti with fava beans.

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