Alfred Hitchcock loved making creepy movies. He also loved his leading ladies, but the one woman who really starred in his life? His wife Alma.

The roller-coaster relationship during the making of Hitchcocks most famous film "Psycho" in the 60's is what the movie "Hitchcock" is all about.

Oscar winner Anthony hHpkins stars as Hitchcock. While I was in New York, I chatted with him in London.

Gotta love technology.

Shireen: "As an actor, during your research for this role, I'm curious to know what you found most intriguing about Hitchcock himself?"

ANTHONY HOPKINS: "While I was preparing for this, I saw all his great movies, the big ones, vertigo, north by north west, rear window and psycho – there must have been some inner pain with him because he projected those beautiful women on the screen, yet he was never apart of it."

Mr. Hopkins loved the role.

ANTHONY HOPKINS: "I found the whole experience funny and strangely moving, emotionally moving. I didn't know why. I got a sense that he was such a extra-ordinary genius and a creative artist and obviously a very sensitive man."

Oscar winner Helen Mirren plays "Alma" Hitch's wife.

shireen: "He's left such a legacy of film behind. What do you as an actor find most intriguing about him?"

HELEN MIRREN: "I would have loved to have met him. I say that, but i DID meet him."

Helen met him when she was a young actress: She even auditioned for hiitch's film "Frenzy".

HELEN MIRREN: "i didn't like him, and he didn't like me. It was a no no, I didn't even want to be in his movie."

HELEN MIRREN: "Now, of course, i kick myself. Now i'd really suck up to him and try and work with him. I think it would have been great fun to spend time with him, i think he would have made me laugh."

Both actors are brilliant in the film, because they're brilliant at what they do.

I defintely see an Oscar nomination for Hopkins.

Hitchcock once said a lot of movies are like life, mine are like a slice a cake" and this movie defintely has extra icing.

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