Helping Spring

Families in need turn to local organizations for life-saving support. Now, those who rescue boaters who break down on the water are coming to the rescue of some of these families. 7’s Lynn Martinez explains in today’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — Spring John is proud of her very unique family.

Spring John: “We call ourselves a rainbow family, because we are all different colors.”

Her sons Jay and Charlie along with their little sister Emily were adopted through foster care.

Spring John: “We have our little Emily here and she has cerebral palsy.”

All three children battle severe medical conditions. The family relies on the Children’s Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale for special care.

Spring John: “To have a place that meets the needs of our family as a whole is so important.”

The center provides medical and social support but it relies on funding to keep the care coming.

David Reed of Marine Industry Cares Foundation: “We set up to raise money for local charities in our community.”

That’s where the Marine Industry Cares Foundation comes in. The group raises money through Florida’s maritime community.

David Reed: “I think we get stuck in our daily lives and we don’t realize there are people out there who need help.”

Their big fundraiser is the annual Spin-a-thon and everyone is invited to sign up for a team or sponsor one.

Towboat U.S. Fort Lauderdale President Larry Acheson: “I’ll spin for you”

Acheson has been spinning in the event for the past couple years. He says it’s well worth it.

Larry Acheson: “The kids are what’s going to continue to make our country great and our world great, so give now while we can.”

He’s encouraging the community to support his team by going to the Marine Industry Cares website.

Larry Acheson: “You click on events, you’ll see the Spin-a-thon and then you look for our team, spinning to the rescue.”

Spring says she’s glad the community steps up to help out the organizations providing life-saving support to mothers like her with children in need.

Spring John: “It allows the community to know that they’re not alone and that there’s a place that has the answers to the hard questions that they’re facing.”

The Spin-a-thon is Friday, April 25th.

Tel: (954) 639-5005

Towboat US Fort Lauderdale:
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Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center: