(WSVN) - From a woman facing eviction to another trying to earn the money to travel to donate a kidney to her daughter, 2020 was a rough year for many. Tonight, we’re getting an update on some of the most memorable stories we covered this year on Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

We met so many incredible people in 2020. Many of them in a tight spot, like Daniel.

Daniel Bellin, needed RV to quarantine: “They’re my whole life. I mean, I would do anything for them.”

When COVID hit, Daniel kept working and put an RV in his front yard to be near his family but to also quarantine from his two fragile daughters.

Daniel Bellin: “Everything that she gets turns into pneumonia, and the little one, the baby one, has asthma. She has to take a breathing machine three times a day.”

It was a great way to protect his vulnerable children, but a couple of cold-hearted neighbors didn’t care about the kids and tried to get Coral Springs to remove the RV.

Daniel Bellin: “I’m mad. I’m upset about it, but at the same time, we’re scared.”

Give Coral Springs city officials credit. Legally, they could have forced Daniel to move the RV, but because of the girls’ medical conditions, the city let it stay.

Daniel Bellin: “We’re just happy that we made it through together, and nobody got ill.”

Today, Daniel doesn’t have to worry about hateful neighbors, after he bought 10 acres in North Florida and moved his family up there.

Daniel Bellin: “They love it. They love to be in the country and the woods.”

COVID had Ardrekra trying not to move.

Ardrekra Latimore: “Very scared.”

When the virus hit, Ardrekra lost her security guard job, couldn’t pay the rent, and her landlord tried to evict her and her five children.

Ardrekra Latimore: “You’re just going to kick us out? Where are we gonna go?”

The state and federal government banned most evictions till Dec. 31, and as that day approaches, Ardrekra doesn’t have to worry.

Ardrekra Latimore: “With you guys’ help, I moved. You helped out a lot, lot, lot.”

Ardrekra has now moved into a house where she can afford the rent. She doesn’t have any furniture, but she couldn’t be happier.

Ardrekra Latimore: “It’s quiet, my kids have their own rooms. I’m happy– very, very happy. I love it.”

Martin wants to be happy … with a friend.

Martin Weinstock, looking for a friend: “I feel like a 16-year-old, 16 years old on steroids, and I don’t know what in God’s name I’m doing.”

A couple of years after Martin’s wife passed away, he tried a dating service and felt he was taken advantage of.

We helped resolve that, and as our story aired, Martin thought he had found a lady friend.

Martin Weinstock: “No, it hasn’t worked out. She treated me like a 5-year-old student.”

Martin is once again looking, and as 2020 wraps up, he fears his chances of finding a date are fading.

Martin Weinstock:  “I spent Thanksgiving alone, and it was a miserable day.”

But just in case you’re a single lady and available in 2021, Martin has a message.

Martin Weinstock: “Give me a call.” (laughs)

Martin wants to cook up his love life. Daniela loves cooking.

Daniela Lagoa, giving daughter a kidney: “I love sharing the love that I put in the food.”

Daniela is a chef on yachts and contacted us after a boat owner refused to pay her.

Daniela Lagoa: “This experience? The worst.”

Daniela had taken the job to raise the money to go to New Orleans to donate her kidney to her daughter.

Daniela Lagoa: “I have a 27-year-old daughter who has kidney failure. She’s in dialysis for two years.”

After our story aired, an anonymous woman gave her $5,000, and Amicus Medical Group gave Daniella the $3,500 to pay for the transplant trip.

Daniela Lagoa: “With all we went through this year, it was the most amazing year of my life.”

The surgery was successful. Today, Daniela and her daughter are both back to normal.

Daniela Lagoa: “I was honored to be able to save her life. We thank Channel 7, Patrick Fraser. Thank you so much, and God bless us all.”

Thank you, Daniela. In a year with so many COVID tragedies, it’s nice to remember good things did happen to some people, and we hopefully will have a lot to look forward to in 2021. If nothing else, at least it won’t be 2020.

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