(WSVN) - Charles is deaf and came to us to try to get his cable TV turned back on. Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser helped … and then something heartwarming happened. Let’s take a look.

When we first left Charles, he could not stop smiling.

Patrick Fraser: “That’s the smile you get when you’re watching sports.”

Charles Faust: “Yeah. I’m very, very happy.”

When we returned to see Charles, he could not stop sobbing.

Charles is deaf. He had contacted Help Me Howard because his cable was turned off.

After we checked into it, we saw it wasn’t Comcast’s fault. Charles had not been paying his bill.

Patrick Fraser: “So you don’t have $273 to pay that cable bill?”

Charles Faust: “No, sir.”

The result? Charles was miserable because his life revolved around watching all the sports channels.

Charles Faust: “Playing football, and I love sports. That’s my thing.”

After we contacted Comcast, they turned Charles’ cable back on and gave him a few days to pay the $273 cable bill.

Our story aired.

Patrick Fraser: “You see this?”

Charles Faust: “Wow. Where did it come from?”

And that’s why we were back to see Charles.

Patrick Fraser: “This is all for you. It’s letters, it’s notes. Guess how much money is in there.”

Charles was overwhelmed, and sat with his head in his hands for a couple of minutes.

He then sat up, still stunned.

As I handed Charles the letters of encouragement and admiration, he still couldn’t speak.

After a couple more minutes, he got up and walked to the door.

The thoughtfulness of people had truly taken his breath away.

Charles Faust: “I don’t know what to say.”

Charles then sat down, and we started to read some of the cards, like one from a woman who sent a picture of her disabled husband who passed away, doing what Charles loves to do.

Patrick Fraser: “Appropriately, he was watching the Football Channel. Like you, he liked sports. She sent you a check to pay your cable bill.”

There was a check from a police chief and another from a police lieutenant who wrote…

Patrick Fraser (reading): “‘I was touched by your story. Keep smiling.'”

Charles Faust: “I’m crying. I’ve never had people in my life like this before that give me something.”

There was a letter from a woman who included a check.

Patrick Fraser (reading): “‘Dear brother in Christ. I pray that your needs are met. Keep the faith.'”

The letters and checks left Charles a little confused, wondering why so many people would care about a man they had never met.

Charles Faust: “I don’t know why. Why?”

Patrick Fraser: “‘Cause you are a nice guy.”

Charles Faust: “Thank you. I want to meet these people to tell them thank you, how blessed I am.”

Charles will never be able to meet and thank them all in person, but they can now see how their kindness affected him, and of course, know the money they sent will allow him to watch the sports he loves.

Patrick Fraser: “He is a sports fan like you. He’s a sports fan, and he wants you to be able to watch TV.”

Charles Faust: “Thank you, Patrick, thank you.”

Charles was happy and smiling when we first helped him. This time he even happier, even though he was sobbing.

Patrick Fraser: “Are those good tears?”

Charles Faust: “You see how blessed I am? They’ve made me cry.”

Truly crying tears of joy, and enjoy watching TV, Charles.

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