Plastic Surgery Refund

(WSVN) - She decided to get a little plastic surgery, but her doctor said he wanted to cancel it, so she asked for her money back, and that’s when the trouble started, so she called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

Like all of us should, Lissett takes pride in the way she looks.

Lissett Gonzalez, scheduled surgery: “My hair has to be nice, my makeup. I would not go to the store without eyeliner or lipstick for nothing in this world.”

Of course, it’s easy to look your best when you are a teenager, but as we get older, Mother Nature has a way of making it a little more difficult.

Lissett Gonzalez: “I was going through a divorce, and I’m in my 50s, and you start noticing you are a little overweight, your skin is not the same, and that’s when I tried to look for a little improvement.”

Lissett’s solution? A little plastic surgery.

Lissett Gonzalez: “I wanted the jowls right here and the neck, like a face-lift.”

She found a cosmetic center, liked the doctor, did the preliminary medical work and paid for the surgery.

Lissett Gonzalez: “It’s $4,000 for the surgery.”

And then, the date of the surgery neared.

Lissett Gonzalez: “The doctor said that I was not a good candidate, and he’s not going to do it.”

The doctor referred her to another physician in the clinic. Lissett said he didn’t want to do the surgery and instead suggested injectable fillers.

“No, thanks,” Lissett said.

Lissett Gonzalez: “At that moment, I said, ‘You know what? Let me back away.'”

That meant there would be no surgery to recover from, but Lissett faced the painful process of getting her $4,000 back.

Lissett Gonzalez: “They paid like $1,000 and then $1,500, then another $1,000. It wasn’t a one lump sum.”

Eventually, they repaid $3,600 dollars and told Lissett she was not getting her last $400 back because…

Lissett Gonzalez: “‘Because you cancelled the surgery, and I’m like, ‘No, I didn’t! You guys cancelled the surgery.'”

You can imagine what Lissett thought of the way they were operating.

Lissett Gonzalez: “At that point, I was highly upset. I want my money. I want my $400 back because it’s not fair. It’s not fair.”

Lissett doesn’t think its fair, but Howard, you have looked at the contract. Legally, can the clinic keep part of her money?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News Legal Expert: “No. According to Lissett’s contract, you do not get your money back if you cancel or if you have a medical condition you knew about and did not tell them, but the doctor who evaluated Lissett cancelled the surgery, and based on her contract, she gets her money back.”

The clinic told us they apologized for any misunderstanding. However, while one doctor didn’t want to do the surgery, another was willing.

Lissett said that’s not true, so we told her to request her medical file from the clinic with the doctor’s notes to see what both wrote, and while she waits for the documents, she doesn’t have to wait for her $400.

The clinic returned all of it.

Lissett Gonzalez: “I am so happy. Thank you so much. I am so grateful for you and the whole crew.”

Lissett may look for another plastic surgery center to get the work done she wants, and this time, she will be ready.

Lissett Gonzalez: “Ask lots of questions, refund policy, make sure that you keep hard copies of everything that you sign. Make sure you read everything before you sign.”

Glad we were able to get Lissett’s money back, and the clinic has 30 days to give Lissett her medical records, which will include her doctor’s notes. If they don’t or if your medical medical provider won’t give you a copy of your medical records, you can file a HIPAA complaint.

The link to do that is down below.

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To File a HIPAA Complaint

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