(WSVN) - She bought her son a puppy at the pet store. Unfortunately, the animal died a few days later. Now, she says the pet store won’t talk to her. It’s tonight’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

Just say Ayden to Marquaysha and watch her face light up.

Marquaysha Bush, Bought Puppy: “He is my pride and joy. I love him.”

Marquaysha also likes dogs, and so she had an idea.

Marquaysha Bush: “I wanted to get my 4-year-old son a dog, his first dog. I thought it would be the perfect gift to give him.”

She picked out this little Yorkie from a Pembroke Pines pet store and named him Jackson. This video tells you how Ayden felt about the surprise.

Marquaysha Bush: “My son and him, they were inseparable. Every moment, he wanted Jackson to be with him.”

Marquaysha’s friend also got a puppy from the same pet store that day. The puppies loved to play together, but 11 days after they were bought, Jackson got sick.

Marquaysha Bush: “Vomiting, loss of appetite, so I took him to the veterinarian.”

Marquaysha was given antibiotics for Jackson, but it didn’t help.

Marquaysha Bush: “He got worse overnight. Next morning, I took him to the vet again — I’m sorry — he died at 9:35 that morning.”

Twelve days after she bought the puppy, he was dead — surprising her since the pet store gave her paperwork that said the 8-week-old Yorkie had all his shots.

Marquaysha Bush: “If he had his vaccinations and they were up to date, how is it that he contracted what they believe at the vet is parvo?”

Marquaysha then headed back to the pet store.

Marquaysha Bush: “I came in professional because I wanted answers.”

But she said the pet store employees didn’t want to provide answers about the dead puppy.

Marquaysha Bush: “I want you to get out of my store now. You have 30 seconds before I call the police.”

Marquaysha went home to try to explain to Ayden what had happened to Jackson.

Marquaysha Bush: “So I had to keep reminding him, ‘We don’t have Jackson anymore. He is not going to be with us anymore.’ He is 4. He doesn’t understand death right now.”

Ayden doesn’t understand death, but Marquaysha understands debt, because she had to borrow the $2,100 to pay for the puppy, and the pet store won’t return the money.

Marquaysha Bush: “He didn’t want to deal with it. He literally didn’t want to deal with it.”

Well Howard, Florida has the Pet Lemon Law. Does it apply in this case?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News Legal Expert: “Yes, Florida law says that a consumer has 14 days to take a dog to a vet of their choice for an examination. In this case, that was done, and the dog died within the 14 days of purchase. Therefore, she either gets her money back plus the cost of the vet bill, or she gets a replacement dog.”

I called the pet store several times. They hung up on me. We stopped by the Forever Love Puppies store.

Patrick Fraser: “Is Larry here?

Employee: “Yeah, you can wait outside.”

I was told the owner would come outside to talk to me. Instead, an employee came out to tell me they were calling the police.

Lauren Turner, Specializes in Animal Law: “What happened to her is egregious and incredibly sad.”

Lauren Turner specializes in animal law and has offered to help Marquaysha for free after reading the contract Marquaysha signed with the pet store.

Lauren Turner: “The contract completely surprised me. It’s totally illegal. It’s completely unconscionable. There is not a single term in there that is valid. It’s in direct contradiction with the Florida statute for the Puppy Lemon Law.”

Hopefully, Lauren can get Marquaysha’s money back, so she can get another puppy, and Ayden can enjoy animals like she does.

Marquaysha Bush: “I love animals, yes. I’ve had dogs all my life.”

Now, the Lemon Law covers cats and dogs bought from both pet stores and breeders, and there are things you have to do to qualify under the law.

Howling with a problem that is dogging you? Need someone to retrieve a solution? Fetch us. We aren’t pups at helping. Howard is an old dog at the law.

Check the Florida Pet Law here: https://www.fdacs.gov/Consumer-Resources/Animals/Pet-Law.

Check the latest Florida Statutes: http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0800-0899/0828/Sections/0828.29.html.

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