Help Me Howard

Need Sign

They had a wonderful dream of opening an elderly day care business. But to attract customers to their Margate facility, they needed a sign. ARead More

Knock down a drone?

There is a lot of talk about drones. Police are using them, the military uses them and now you can buy one to fly around.Read More

Bill Collector Calls

When times get tough, whether its losing a job or an unexpected expense, people fall behind on their bills, and that’s when the phone callsRead More

Hair Fell Out

When you put a product in your hair its no big deal, But what would you do if you were conditioning your hair and youRead More

Horse Runs Over Car

A horse ran over a car, virtually destroying it. That’s right, a horse ran over a car, and the horse owner said, “It’s not myRead More

Social Security

You ask the Social Security Administration for some confidential information about yourself and they send you that information plus documents about other people. Can youRead More