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Tow Truck Damage

WSVN — For many South Floridians, it’s all too real. They park in the wrong spot, and their cars are towed. One South Florida womanRead More

Cut Tree Down

When John and his wife bought their Hollywood home it came with a big Seagrape tree. A massive Seagrape tree that splits into four bigRead More

Swimsuit Dispute

WSVN — She is a swimwear designer. So excited to be in a New York fashion show, she designed a new line for the eventRead More

Chickens in the Neighborhood

WSVN — There are very few places in the United States like South Florida. Sun, surf, beaches and chickens roaming your neighborhood. Many places haveRead More

Latin House Grill

WSVN — In five short years, Chef Michell Sanchez has made quite a name for himself with his mouth watering dishes. But now Michell isRead More


WSVN — It’s pretty common; getting braces to make those teeth look better. One South Florida woman did it, but didn’t get them adjusted forRead More

Lost My Computer

WSVN — He shipped a computer off to be repaired, now it’s missing and he is being told it’s his fault because he didn’t getRead More