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Palms Cut Down

You have probably seen it before. FPL sends its crews out to cut the limbs that are in the power lines, but how about this?Read More

Dangerous Dogs

Your neighbor’s dogs attack and kill your pet. Nothing happens. Then you watch as they attack and nearly kill your other dog, and you areRead More

Don’t Drink the Water?

Did you know that certain people should not drink water from the tap before they talk to their doctor? One man checked and was toldRead More

Problem With Attorney

If you have a problem you have probably heard it before. Hire a lawyer. But what happens if you hire the lawyer and your headachesRead More

Don’t Sign For Car

It sounds OK. You sign the paperwork so someone else can get a car after they promise to make the payments. What can go wrong?Read More

Finding a Burglar

WSVN — When his wife passed away, he was devastated. Today he feels even worse, because a necklace she loved, that was left for him,Read More

Not Square

If you are self-employed or run a small business, you may be a person who uses the small device that attaches to your phone soRead More