Help Me Howard

Illegal Eviction

WSVN — He was battling an association that he knew was wrong– but his problem, even though he was right, he couldn’t afford to hireRead More

Stopped For Stealing

WSVN — She was shopping in a store, as she started to leave a store security officer told her to come back inside where sheRead More

House of Sewage

WSVN — If you think you came home to a mess, listen to what two families got hit with: sewage boiling out of their sinks,Read More

Can’t Rent Rental

WSVN — You live in an association, then one day the association says, “we are not changing the rules. We are going to enforce theRead More

No Mail Boxes

The mail boxes for an entire neighborhood are vandalized, the Postal Service can’t deliver the mail and residents can’t get the boxes replaced. So legally,Read More

Hidden Gas Tax

How much tax do you pay for a gallon of gasoline? Think about it. Don’t know? That’s understandable because it’s not shown, it’s hidden fromRead More

Can’t Play in Park

WSVN — “Let’s go to the park and play.” Sounds like fun for a kid, unless they are told they have to pay to playRead More

Lifetime Lease

WSVN — 25 years ago they signed a lifetime lease that would only allow their rent to go up $3 a month each year forRead More