Only in South Florida: Strange and unusual 2019 Help Me Howard stories

(WSVN) - We all have problems in our lives, some easy to solve and some not so much. Then there are those that make you say, “Wow.” We’re looking back at some of the year’s most memorable stories in tonight’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

We hear from thousands of people about their problems. In many cases, we’ve seen something similar and know what to do.

And then there are stories that make you say, “This only happens in South Florida.”

Rodney Knox, saw 17-year-old in strip club: “That ain’t no place to be. Everything goes on in there — drinking, [expletive].”

When Rodney walked into the strip club, he saw his daughter. His 17-year-old daughter.

Rodney Knox: “All I want to know is why my daughter, 17 years old, is in the club.”

Fortunately, she wasn’t dancing, but she was there drinking.

Rodney Knox: “She ain’t the first one, and she ain’t gonna be the last one unless somebody does something about it.”

Rembrandt’s problem was certainly a first.

Rembrandt Silva, boat on Donald Trump’s property: “So the boat, out of all the places, it landed right on Donald Trump’s property.”

After Rembrandt sold his boat, it was abandoned off the coast of Palm Beach County and floated ashore at Mar-a-Lago, the South Florida home of the president of the United States.

The feds were not pleased.

Rembrandt Silva: “‘We got your boat here. It’s on Donald Trump’s property. You gotta get it out of here.'”

That’s one boat. Look at all these boats in a story we called “Landlocked,” because the repair shop owner would not return all the boats to their owners.

Justice Joseph, can’t get boat: “It makes me very upset every time I go to see my boat.”

The police raided the property and are investigating the shop owner.

After our story aired, we heard from 25 more boat owners who can’t get their vessels back. They are still landlocked.

Talk about squealing!

Barbara Rodriguez, Rosie is pet pig: “I can’t let go of her. Look at her, look at her cheeks. (laughs) She’s amazing. Mi gorda.”

Rosie is Barbara’s pet pig. Rosie even stays in her house.

But Miami-Dade County said she’s a farm animal and has to go.

Barbara Rodriguez: “I started to cry immediately.”

Right now, Barbara still has Rosie as she battles the county.

Over in North Miami, Earl is fighting — for peace and quiet.

Earl Hinds, noisy voodoo celebration: “‘Boom, boom, boom,’ and it is beating and beating nonstop.”

Earl’s neighbors are loudly practicing their religion, voodoo, and leaving animal sacrifices behind.

Earl Hinds: “Pentagrams with eggs and chickens in the middle of the street.”

Earl wants to see it gone.

Patrick wants to see it back in place. His prosthetic eye, that is.

Patrick Payton, eye down drain: “I was washing and cleaning it, and it fell, slipped from my hand and fell down my drain.”

After Patrick lost his eye, he asked us to help get a new one, and we did.

Patrick Payton: “Very pleased, man, very pleased.”

Mary lost a body part: her belly button.

Patrick Fraser: “‘Your belly button closed because it was infected.”

Mary J. Loudenslager, belly button disappeared: “Correct.”

It happened after Mary had a tummy tuck.

Fortunately, after we talked to her plastic surgeon, they were happy to return her belly button to the right place.

Mary J. Loudenslager: “Very amazing. Without you guys, I would not have a belly button.”

We helped Mary get a belly button. Not many people can say they did that.

Now, who knows what kind of hurdles you’ll face in 2020. That’s what makes our job interesting for us, and hopefully makes Help Me Howard interesting for you.

Stripped of your ability to solve a problem. Don’t have the eye to see the solution? Let us hog the problem and sail in to leave you grounded.

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