No Bed for 5 Years, and Then…

(WSVN) - A woman’s medical problems, combined with her financial issues, have left her sleeping in a recliner chair for 5 years. She said she could live with it, but a friend said, “Let’s turn to Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser to see what can be done,” and then a remarkable South Florida company stepped in.

If you think you have it rough, pause and listen to Ileana.

Ileana Abreu: “I’ve been battling breast cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis.”

After she lost a breast, her legs gave out. Then her eyes failed.

Ileana Abreu: “I am legally blind.”

Ileana can’t sleep in a normal bed now, can’t afford an adjustable mattress, and so, a neighbor gave her a recliner, where she sits 16 hours a day.

Ileana Abreu: “I’ve been sleeping on the recliner since about 2015, something like that. It makes me more comfortable in the sense that I can keep my head up, put my feet up.”

Her life is tough. Talking about it overwhelms her.

Ileana Abreu: “I never imagined that this was going to be my life, that I wasn’t going to see, or that I was going to be minus the breast. I wanted to have a family, which I never did.”

Ileana is too proud to ask for help, but her friend Miriam called Help Me Howard to see if we could find an adjustable bed and mattress.

Ileana Abreu: “I would love to have one of those beds that you can put the head up and the feet up.”

As we started to leave, we reminded Ileana we never promise we can help, just that we will do our best, and that was enough for her.

Ileana Abreu: “I’m so grateful that you’re here.”

Some things are just meant to happen. That day, we got an email from City Furniture talking about a new type of bed they were introducing.

Our Help Me Howard producer, Ambar Rodriguez, said, “Let’s see if City Furniture has a suggestion for Ileana.”

They did.

Caitlin Maribona, City Furniture: “When we heard her story, we just knew that this is something that we needed to be a part of.”

Not only did City Furniture offer to donate an adjustable bed and mattress to Ileana, they gave her an entire bedroom set.

Caitlin Maribona: “For someone who has been battling so many health issues like our friend Ileana, this will hopefully make a huge impact in her quality of life.”

We wanted Ileana to be surprised. We told her we needed to stop by to get a picture of her recliner chair.

Delivery man: “We are delivering a dresser, a night stand, an adjustable base, a Tempur-Pedic mattress.”

Ileana Abreu: “What? Oh, my God!”

It’s exactly what Ileana needed.

Caitlin Maribona: “Giving things away to folks who need it is one of the best feelings in the world, and that’s why City Furniture is so great, because that’s one of our core beliefs.”

Ileana Abreu: “You guys are unbelievable. Yes, of course I’m happy.”

Ileana then said something we had not even thought about.

Ileana Abreu: “I have to learn how to sleep on a bed again all over. I’m ecstatic. I can’t even explain — I can’t even explain how I feel.”

When we met her she was in tears. Now she is crying again … but beautiful tears.

Ileana Abreu: “I thank City Furniture for what they did for me. I thank you guys from Channel 7 and my friend Miriam, who did this, who made this whole thing happen.”

Tonight, Ileana will lay in a bed for the first time in 5 years.

Ileana Abreu: “Oh, my God, it’s fantastic. I feel like I’m in a cloud.”

Is that what they mean by cloud nine? Glad we could help you, Ileana.

It turns out City Furniture does a lot of great work for South Floridians. They just raised $75,000 for cancer research. The list goes on and on. Thank you, City Furniture.

Adjusting to a problem that’s left you sleepless? Cushion the blow by contacting us, so hopefully we can deliver a comfortable solution.

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