(WSVN) - She had someone do her taxes, but he wouldn’t give her a copy of her tax return, and then, the problems started for her. Are you entitled to a copy of your tax return? It’s why one young woman called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

The W-2s are being handed out.

Up next, it’s time to file your tax return.

Carolina Gutierrez, needs copy of tax return: “Because he was a family friend, he said that he wasn’t going to charge me any money to do the taxes.”

Carolina let the guy do her taxes for free, and you know what you get if something costs nothing? Nothing but headaches.

Carolina Gutierrez: “Three months later, the IRS contacted me back and said, ‘We need you to file new taxes because on your last taxes that were originally filed, they put you were a farm worker.'”

Carolina went back to the tax preparer.

Carolina Gutierrez: “He was just like, ‘Oh, well, um, I made a mistake, so we can just fix it and don’t worry about it.”

The fellow did her taxes again, and when Carolina got her refund, she found out instead of doing it for free, the so-called family friend charged a fee.

Carolina Gutierrez: “It was like $300 that had been taken from my tax return.”

And he wasn’t through causing Carolina problems.

He didn’t give her a copy of her tax return, and Broward College needed it, so she could get her financial aid for school.

Carolina Gutierrez: “I called him multiple times. I’ve literally have texted him, ‘I just need my documents. What is the big deal? He doesn’t even respond to that.”

She can’t talk to him, can’t get her tax return, and without that document, can’t get the financial aid to go back to school.

Carolina Gutierrez: “I have to either pay for classes out of pocket or just don’t go to school, and I don’t have the money to pay for classes.”

Well Howard, you need a copy of your tax return, and the preparer won’t give it to you. Legally, what can you do?

Howard Finkelstein: 7 News Legal Expert: “You have a right to your tax return. When you hire someone to do it, the law requires that they give you a copy. If they refuse, file a complaint with the IRS, or when you are required to pay them, don’t do it until you get that copy of the return. Another alternative, the IRS can provide you with a copy of the return but may charge $50 for that.”

We contacted the man who did Carolina’s taxes.

He told us he had been out of the country and thought she had everything she needed.

The next day, he gave Carolina a copy of her tax return..

Howard Finkelstein: “Hiring someone to do your taxes is no different that hiring someone to repair your house, so go online and do some research. Also, you can get software to do you own taxes, and you do not need to pay a tax preparer. Finally, if you do hire someone, read everything before you sign it. You don’t want to make a mistake with the IRS.”

Carolina Gutierrez: “No hard feelings or nothing, but this is like a nightmare.”

Unfortunately, Carolina didn’t get that tax form in time to get her financial aid for this semester, but now that she has it, she will be back in school this summer.

Carolina Gutierrez: “I’m really happy. Thank God because I think if I would have not called, I would have never gotten anything I was asking for.”

Good luck in college, Carolina. If the person who does your taxes makes a mistake, they cannot charge you to file the amended return, but if you owe the IRS more money, you have to pay that.

It’s tax time, be careful.

A problem taxing you? Need to deduct it from your life? Prepare to file with us, and let us create a peaceful return for you.

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