More generous South Floridians assist Help Me Howard callers solve their problems

(WSVN) - One woman came home to find a trailer and an RV in her yard. A man bought a home but moved into a nightmare. Both of their stories aired on Help Me Howard, and as the Nightteam’s Patrick Fraser shows us, both would have happy endings.

Imagine coming home and finding this and this in your yard.

Diana Green, who dumped this?: “My neighbors came running. I was screaming, ‘What is this?'”

A trailer and an RV filled with junk — everything from books to a broken generator — sitting besides Diana’s house.

Diana Green: “And I am just blown away. Why would someone do that to me?”

Miami-Dade County quickly noticed and sent Diana three warning notices. She called companies to tow the trailers away and got another shock.

Diana Green: “It’s expensive to have them moved. I can’t afford that, of course not. I just pray somebody help me to remove them.”

Her prayers were answered.

Benny Marrero from Broadway Towing in Fort Lauderdale was watching Help Me Howard.

Benny Marrero, Broadway Towing and Transport: “I just don’t like seeing people get screwed over. It’s in my nature. I don’t know why.”

‘Cause you are a nice guy, Benny.

Benny then brought one of his tow trucks. A friend brought another one, and they took the RV and trailer away.

Benny Marrero: “Yeah, I love to help people.”

Diana had never met Benny. Now, she will never forget him.

Diana Green: “It was an angel. He said, ‘I am here.’ I said, ‘God bless you. God bless you.”

A clean yard, and a very happy Diana.

Diana Green: “I thank everybody for looking out for me and helping me out. I greatly appreciate it.”

Ingrid really needed help when she contacted us.

Ingrid Morgan, trying to help father: “I regret dealing with the Realtors. I regret everything.”

After Ingrid got sick, her father moved from Brooklyn to take care of her. He bought a house after the seller promised to make some repairs.

Ingrid Morgan: “It showed that the flat roof needed to be fixed. The water heater needed to be fixed, and the electrical panels needed to be fixed.”

But nothing was fixed, and Amos and Ingrid didn’t have the $5,000 to make the repairs.

Ingrid Morgan: “I need some type of help now. I need support.”

She got it.

Omer Zeyrek, Yapi Group: “Once I saw the news, in the Help Me Howard, I felt bad.”

Omer Zeyrek from the Yapi Group sent his guys in to replace the flat roof.

Omer Zeyrek: “That was my pleasure.”

Channel 7 viewers donated $4,490 to pay for the electrical work and replace the water heater.

They were like Omer — kind and generous.

Omer Zeyrek: “We had to do the right thing here, and we have to show — as I heard always from you — you were saying South Floridians are good people as well, so we had to be part of that.”

You are right, sir, and you are one of of those wonderful South Floridians.

By the way, since the VIN numbers were stripped off those vehicles, we still don’t know who left the RV and trailer in Diana’s yard or why they did it. Didn’t make any sense then, doesn’t make any sense now, but the problem is resolved.

A problem dumped in your lap? Ready to see it hauled away? Hook up with us. Instead of hitting the roof, we will patch things up for you.

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