Kanye West & Yeezy

(WSVN) - He wanted to buy the sneakers Kanye West sells called Yeezy. It was a gift for his girlfriend. It turned out to be a headache for both of them, until he asked Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser to come running in.

Kanye West — you might have heard of him — is a singer, a member of the Kardashian clan, and a designer of clothes and the popular brand of shoes called Yeezy.

Kevin Green, Yeezy disappeared in shipping: “I don’t see the attraction myself. They look like boats to me, but she likes them, her friends like them, her friends have them.”

“She” is Karina, Kevin’s girlfriend, and so Kevin decided to surprise her.

Kevin Green: “We had an anniversary coming up, so she wanted Yeezy sneakers. A little bit pricey, but she’s worth it.”

This is the pair of Yeezy sneakers Karina wanted. She had been trying to buy them herself but they are limited, often sold out and hard to get.

Kevin Green: “What it is, you have to put your information online, and when they drop, if they pick your number, so to speak, you are allowed to buy them.”

Kevin got lucky — if that’s what you want to call it — and was allowed to pay $300 for Karina’s favorite baby blue Yeezys. They were shipped.

Kevin Green: “She received a text, an email like, ‘Oh, the shoes are there,’ so I go outside, at the door. There are no shoes.”

Kevin called FedEx. They said they dropped them at their door.

Kevin Green: “He didn’t require a signature because the Yeezy people I bought the shoes from didn’t require them to get a signature to drop the merchandise.”

He contacted Yeezy, where he got the same answer as FedEx had given him.

Kevin Green: “Yeezy is not responsible, and FedEx said they’re not responsible.”

The shoes had disappeared, and Kevin’s $300 was gone as well.

Kevin Green: “I’m very irate. I worked hard and tried hard to get a good gift for my woman. What ends up happening? OK, it’s stolen.”

Well, Howard, Kevin paid for the unique Yeezy sneakers, didn’t get them and lost his $300. Is he out of luck?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News Legal Expert: “The seller is definitely not responsible, and the shipper is not responsible if they can prove it was delivered to the correct address. They are going to show through their electronic records that it was dropped at Kevin’s, and he would have to have video proof that it wasn’t delivered. Otherwise, he is out of luck.”

We started off the year on a good foot. We emailed FedEx and were told, “We are aware of the issue and will work with the shipper to resolve it.”

While Kanye West owns Yeezy, Adidas operates the website that Kevin bought the Yeezy sneakers from. They were great. Even though legally they did not have to replace the sneakers that disappeared, they did. And they also gave Kevin his $300 back, so he got the sought after Yeezys for free.

Kevin Green: “She’s very happy with the shoes. They fit, and that’s all I wanted. And at the end of the day, her being happy makes me happy, right?”

Howard Finkelstein: “To protect yourself, when you buy online, there is a click button that requests that the delivery require your signature before being dropped off. That’s a pain in the neck for busy people, and it might cost you more money, but they cannot leave it without your signature, and if they do and it’s stolen, the shipping company has to replace it.”

Kevin got what Karina wanted after that one call to Help Me Howard.

Kevin Green: “I’m extremely happy I called Help Me Howard, because without that, I was at a loss. My hands were tied.”

Glad we could help, Kevin, and give Adidas a lot of credit. They didn’t have to do what they did. Nice of them. Now, if you can’t be at home to sign for a package, have it sent to a friend or relative who can be home, or ship it to your job where someone can sign for it.

A problem sneaking up on you? Ready to steal a page from other people’s book? That means ship the headache to Help Me Howard to ensure a solution gets delivered.

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