Help Me Howard follows up on residents not giving up

(WSVN) - Never give up. It’s smart advise, and when you are right, it’s the perfect way to go. It’s not easy, but it can be rewarding, as we see in tonight’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

Call Nikki, Margarette and Nicolas fighters because this year, they just refused to give up.

Nicolas Camino, battling Key Biscayne: “This is one clear show of abuse of power by a few.”

When Nicolas bought his mother a condo in Key Biscayne, he never expected some fines that were slapped on the developer of the property.

Nicolas Camino: “This is the government telling me I owe $1 million over like nothing.”

Key Biscayne would not remove the $1 million lien. Our story aired, and Key Biscayne is still not backing down, so Nicolas is taking them to court.

Nicolas Camino: “This is just ridiculous. This is absolutely unfair, and public servants are there to serve the public — not to use it.”

Margarette also had to go to court after her neighbor chopped down his tree and it fell on her screen.

Margarette Adam, tree chopped down: “I am upset, I’m angry, and the way they approach is not so nice.”

When her neighbor refused to pay the $2,100 repair bill, Margarette didn’t give up and sued the other owner in small claims court. She won.

Judge Lawrence King: “I’m going to have to find in favor of the plaintiff, against the defendant in this case to pay $2,100 plus the court cost.”

Margarette told us she never would have considered going to small claims court ’til we explained how simple it could be.

Margarette Adam: “Oh my goodness! Help Me Howard, I’m going to tell all my friends. Call Help Me Howard!”

Nikki Marchelos, fighting for flag: “In the very beginning when that first aired on Channel 7, people were coming over and saying, ‘Oh my gosh, how can anyone sue you for a God Bless America flag?'”

When we met Nikki, she was being fined by her condo association for putting an American flag on the door of her Pompano Beach restaurant.

Nikki Marchelos: “I am not taking it down. I have to stand for something, and this is important to me.”

Nikki is not backing down and neither is the Oceanside Property Owner’s Association.

Nikki Marchelos: “I think that’s at $15,000, and now they have added all sorts of fees.”

The association also blames Nikki for causing a plumbing problem, has slapped a lien on her property and is making more threats.

Nikki Marchelos: “Now they are threatening if I don’t make that payment, they will take my outdoor dining.”

But Nikki wont give up, won’t pay the fines and, most importantly, won’t take down her American flag.

Nikki Marchelos: “I’m staying strong for the American flag and all the goodness that it holds.”

Standing up for what she believes. It takes a lot of courage, Nikki. We will keep an eye on your battle over the American flag.

Getting chopped up at every attempt to solve a problem? Feel you are just flapping in the breeze? Flag us down. We don’t have a million dollar idea, but we do have the desire to help you cash in.

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