Good Government, Good Companies

(WSVN) - When you’re dealing with the bureaucracy, it can be frustrating. When something goes wrong with a business, it can be frustrating. But many of them were incredible this year when Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser contacted them. Here are just a few.

Kami was wired when we met her. Wired for cable, that is.


Kami: “We received a violation from the City of Hollywood in regards to the cables that are all over the outside of the building.”

For years Kami let Comcast, DIRECTV and Dish Network run cables over an apartment complex she manages. After she called us, the three companies cleared everything up.

Kami: “Everything was finished within a week. It was wonderful.”

Jonathon Wainsztein: “So I paid it off, 100 percent.”

Jonathon Wainsztein got his credit card balance to zero, and the next month statement said he owed $3.99.

Jonathon Wainsztein
Jonathon Wainsztein

Jonathon Wainsztein: “And she said it was a protection that the credit card company offered.”

Turns out, for nine years, Jonathon had been paying $3.99 a month for insurance that he says he did not agree to pay.

Jonathon Wainsztein: “It does add up.”

Legally, Discover Card didn’t have to return all his money, but after we talked to them, they were nice enough to give back all the money Jonathon had paid them.

Jonathon Wainsztein: “I’ve been watching for years and years, and just the fact they were able to help me, and I felt helpless.”

Guess who this young lady is.

Patrick Fraser: “Who gets treated better, Howard or the dog?”

Donna Finkelstein: “Definitely Thumper back there gets treated better.”

Meet Donna — Mrs. Howard Finkelstein — whose husband couldn’t solve her problem.

Donna Finkelstein
Donna Finkelstein

Donna Finkelstein: “I went right to the source. I sent an email to Patrick.”

Donna was disputing $200 she had to pay SunPass for using her hybrid in the express lane. SunPass was wonderful. Even though they didn’t have to return the money, they gave the $200 to Donna. She then donated the money to the Sylvester Cancer Center.

Manzikella: “Just one hour relaxing by yourself with some low music, massage music.”

Manzikella was in a dispute with Massage Envy when she called us. Upset that the time to use dozens of massages she had paid for was going to expire.


Manzikella: “It is impossible for me to use 36 massages in one month.”

Massage Envy smoothed everything out, giving her six more months for those relaxing moments.

Manzikella: “Yes, I’m very happy with Help Me Howard.”

Dale Engle was not happy after new windows he had paid to install leaked, damaging his house.

Dale Engle: “I was able to get an estimate, and it totaled over $10,000.”

The company that installed the windows wouldn’t pay for the repairs, but Eastern Architectural Systems, who made the windows, agreed to pay for everything.

Dale Engle
Dale Engle

Dale Engle: “I am ecstatic.”

Yoly Navarro: “It is kind of scary.”

The neighbors at a Southwest Miami Dade neighbor were frustrated after CSX Railroad left their cars behind houses for months.

Yoly Navarro: “We also had a photo shoot of a woman in what looked like a rubber dress, unzipping her dress.”

The empty railroad cars attracted nude photo shoots, graffiti artists and drug use. After we talked to CSX, they quickly moved the train away.

Yoly Navarro: “We are so thankful for Help Me Howard.”

Julio Sanchez: “I’m an umpire at Tropical Park.”

We began with a business, so let’s end with the government.

Julio Sanchez
Julio Sanchez

Julio Sanchez: “I always tell them I wear special contacts for umpiring, just to bug them.”

Julio loves umpiring, but had a problem getting his paychecks on time from the county.

After we contacted Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation, they were great and quickly reworked the program so umpires get paid on a regular schedule.

Julio Sanchez: “Beyond happy. They solved all my issues.”

Nice of those government officials and businesses to respond so well. The key? Finding the right person to talk to. It’s got to be someone with the authority to correct the problem. For a business, it may be the owner. For a government agency, it might be a supervisor. It works for us, and it will work for you.

Knocked off tracks trying to solve a problem? Tired of striking out? Let us take a swing at it. We don’t do massages, but we can smooth things out for you.

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