Giving Mother’s Clothes Away

(WSVN) - When her mother passed away, she left behind some beautiful dresses, shoes and purses. Her daughter says she knows her mother would want those clothes given to go to women who need them. But her problem is, how she can find those women? It’s why she called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

Most people believe their mother is the best. Kathleen Borrosso is convinced Joan is.

Kathleen Borrosso: “She was a saint. I really believe that she was a saint, but that is the best way to describe my mother.”

A wonderful mother of seven children, and the love of her husband Tom’s life during their 65 years of marriage.

Kathleen Borrosso: “The greatest love story you have ever known in your life. If they were sitting on the couch, they were holding hands, and he had his arm around her.”

Then last year, in terrible pain and nearing death, the deeply religious and always happy Joan Lazzaro wrote a letter to be read at her funeral.

Kathleen Borrosso: “I am gonna dance when I get to heaven. I am gonna kick up my heels like a fawn. Gonna sway to the rhythm to the angels singing. Gonna stay up all night long.”

Joan then passed away.

Kathleen Borrosso: “She promised me on her deathbed she would send me signs, and she sends me signs all the time.”

And this is one of those signs that Joan sent Kathleen.

Kathleen Borrosso: “And that is gonna make my heart burst. It will burst with pride. It’s what she wants.”

What her mother wants is all her purses, shoes and clothes gathered up.

Kathleen Borrosso: “She loved her clothes. She loved to dress for my father and be beautiful for my father.”

So Kathleen collected them and sorted by seasons in a room with flowers and pictures of her parents as a tribute to Joan.

Kathleen Borrosso: “I wanted to make sure we had flowers and color and happy ’cause she was a happy woman.”

Kathleen Borrosso: “This is what she wore to my wedding.”

Kathleen knows her mother wants to give all this away.

Kathleen Borrosso: “I cant wear this stuff. It’s being wasted. Mom never wasted. She would want it to go to someone who needs it, and this is exactly why I am doing this.”

Kathleen Borrosso: “Everything is in beautiful condition.”

The clothes are in perfect shape because Joan wanted it that way.

Kathleen Borrosso: “That’s who she was, a classy lady. A classy lady always dressed, never wanted to be seen without her makeup on and dressed nicely — not even to go to Publix. All class with a heart of gold.”

Kathleen could have done what many people do when a loved one passes on: just get rid of it all.

Kathleen Borrosso: “What I couldn’t do was put them in bags and just go drop them off and never know or see the person who was going to receive them.”

Kathleen wants to give them to hundreds of different women who will wear her mother’s clothes, or to an organization to hand them out to women who need them. Her only request is to tell them about the woman who once owned the clothes.

Kathleen Borrosso: “I want them to know it came from this most incredible woman that had a heart of gold, that would help anyone and everyone.”

Anyone and everyone who needs size 10, 12, 14 dresses, suits, pants and blouses.

Kathleen Borrosso: “A lot have tags. Don’t tell my dad. I hope he doesn’t see this.”

Just one problem for Kathleen: finding the hundreds of women who need Joan’s clothes.

Kathleen Borrosso: “She would want it to go to people who really need it, and that is what I have to find and why I reached out to you, because I’m a little lost I don’t know where to go with it.”

And so, Kathleen and I will wait. If you need some beautiful outfits, or if you are with an organization that could give them to women who need them, let us know.

It’s what Joan would want.

Kathleen Borrosso: “And it’s going to make her heart smile, and she is going to have so much joy, because I know she is watching this right now.”

And if she is watching you do what she wants with her clothes, Kathleen, what would you tell your mother?

Kathleen Borrosso: “I wanna tell her how much I miss her. I miss her every day. I miss her voice, but I am so happy and thankful that God took her home, because she is home.”

If you would like a very nice outfit or two, let us know. Email or call us, or if you have an organization that helps women, please contact us. Just one stipulation — you cannot sell them.

Kathleen says Joan would only want them to be given away.

Got a heart of gold that someone is trying to tarnish? Don’t think you are the right fit to solve the problem? Let us donate our time and address it for you.

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