(WSVN) - We all get or give gift cards, but have you ever tried to use one and the business it came from said, “We don’t accept our own gift cards?” It happened to one South Florida woman, so she called Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser to see if they can get away with it.

Condos towering over South Florida. They have their upside and their downside.

Then there’s the view you get when you walk outside.

Rosalyn Friedman: “It is pretty out here.”

It is, Rosalyn.

Inside her condo, it’s also nice. Then there is her headache.

Rosalyn Friedman: “I was eventually given a gift that wasn’t suitable. I went to the store to return it, and I was given a regular plastic gift card at that time.”

The $255 gift card was from Intermix, a designer clothing store.

Rosalyn Friedman: “And they had a store in Bal Harbour Shops. On occasion, I would go in, and nothing appealed to me.”

Today, you can get gift cards for almost anything, from groceries to gas to amounts that would make a great gift for anyone.

And then Rosalyn found something she liked at Intermix and tried to use her gift card.

Rosalyn Friedman: “They told me that the company changed hands. They told me that as of March 2023, they no longer accept gift cards.”

Needless to say, Rosalyn was surprised.

Rosalyn Friedman: “Never was I notified that the gift card had an expiration date, that it was not valid after a specific date.”

Intermix’s new owners had closed several stores as they reorganized.

Rosalyn countered, their store in Brickell is still open, so why isn’t her gift card good there?

Rosalyn Friedman: “We all work hard for our money, and I’m not willing to just throw away $255.”

She contacted Intermix. They didn’t respond, and Rosalyn wonders if she’s the only one facing this battle.

Rosalyn Friedman: “That were holding gift cards that are going to be out the amount of that gift card, and I don’t think it’s right.”

Intermix is in business, but can give their customers the business, Howard, by not accepting the gift cards?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “In Florida, by law, gift cards are not allowed to expire. They last as long as the company exists. However, if a company goes out of business, or as in this case, Intermix sold their assets but not their debts, you are probably out of luck.”

We contacted Intermix. They responded, “Our management team would like to know why the customer is upset.”

I told them, and they didn’t respond to my emails anymore, but they did respond to Rosalyn.

In the final resolution they wrote, “We are giving you a new code for the same amount.”

In other words, Rosalyn got her gift card restored.

Rosalyn Friedman: “After I told them that I had contacted you, I got a response. I’m hoping one of my two nieces can purchase something that they can use and put this to rest.”

As we have learned after meeting Rosalyn, not only does she have a great view, she has a great attitude about dealing with a problem.

Rosalyn Friedman: “Well, you can’t just accept no for an answer. You have to be persistent.”

Glad it all worked out, Rosalyn.

And give Intermix credit. They could have continued to refuse to honor the gift card, because the only way Rosalyn could have won was to sue, and it’s not worth it for $255.

Now, if you have been given a gift card, use it before you lose it or the business goes under.

Got a problem you want to dress up? Let us enter the mix, ’cause it’s a gift to be able to help you.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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