(WSVN) - Two situations with a common problem: nowhere to live. In both cases, they turned to Help me Howard, and in both cases you came in to save them. Here is tonight’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

It’s a small trailer in a yard, and it’s perfect for Alretha.

Alretha: “I’m very, very glad, and I’m very, very blessed.”

To see why this makes Alretha so happy, let’s back up to August … and the dump she was living in.

Patrick Fraser: “How many places does it leak in your apartment?”

Alretha: “About eight places.”

Seven hundred dollars a month to have water pouring in, rats running around, mold on the walls, even on the bed she had rented from a furniture store.

Alretha: “It’s just disgusting. This don’t make no sense.”

When Alretha’s husband passed away, she fell behind on the rent, and her landlord evicted her.

Another problem: the store where Alretha rented her furniture from wanted $3,300 because they said their furniture was wet and moldy.

Alretha: “I’m just stressed out.”

Her story aired. You cared.

Dozens of viewers donated $8,422 to help Alretha out.

Alretha: “I paid the furniture bill off. I’m in good shape. I’m living good.”

Living good in a comfortable place: a little kitchen, a clean bed with her husband’s ashes watching over her. No rats, no leaks, because of generous Help Me Howard viewers.

Alretha: “I want to thank everybody that helped me out because that was a blessing, and I really appreciate it.”

And the kindness from people had another effect on Alretha. Seeing them help her moved her to help others.

Alretha: “Yeah, I went to volunteer. That was my way of showing God did something for me, so I had to give it back for somebody else.”

As bad as Alretha had it, Ahdolayah had it six times worse.

Ahdolayah: “It’s killing me. It literally is killing me.”

Ahdolayah had brought her six children from Nevada, fleeing an abusive ex. When she ran out of money, they all slept in the SUV.

When it was repossessed, they slept in a tent on the beach.

Ahdolayah: “I call the homeless hotline every day hoping that they’ll have some room for us, and they just keep saying it’s not enough room.”

After police threw her family off the beach, Ahdolayah says she did the only thing she could think of to get money for a hotel room.

Ahdolayah: “I started dancing at a strip club to pay the rent.”

That’s when Ahdolayah called Help Me Howard.

It took a few days, but the Homeless Trust found the family a temporary place to stay.

The family’s story aired, and South Floridians took care of the rest.

Ahdolayah: “It’s awesome. It’s amazing.”

In total, $10,975 was donated by wonderful Help Me Howard viewers to the family.

Ahdolayah: “We’re blessed. Thanks to all the viewers that left this. Look at us now.”

They used the money to rent a house. No sleeping in a car or on the beach anymore.

Ahdolayah: “We have a house now.”

Today the children are relaxed, smiling. A home will do that.

Ahdolayah’s child: “I’m happy.”

Ahdolaya’s child: Thank you, guys, for everything you’ve done.”

You made it possible for those children to have warm meals and a roof over their heads. It’s a reminder most people in South Florida are not only kind, they’re generous. Thank you.

Got a problem you want to evict from your life? Need a home for it? Kindly move it in with us, and let us house it for you.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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