(WSVN) - They wanted to remove the ivy she had nurtured on the side of her home for 30 years, and another association wanted to evict a mother for letting her son move in to take care of her. Associations can be tough to battle, so they turned to Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

It’s Coconut Grove. Once known for its trees and greener, it’s what caught Lori’s eye.

Lori: “This is the reason why I bought this property, because it’s covered in ivy.”

Her townhouse has been surrounded by ivy since the ’90s, and the fear of losing it is why she called Help Me Howard.

Lori: “The board wants to rip off the ivy to look at the stucco to see what’s wrong with it.”

At one point, all 18 townhouses were covered in ivy.

We spoke to the people in charge. They agreed to talk to Lori about the ivy.

Our story aired.

Lori: “And now I’m so happy. I was able to, I was able to collaborate with our association, and we reached an understanding that I get to keep it.”

All 18 homes in her complex were once covered with ivy. Now, only Lori’s townhouse has the lush vines.

When she thought she was losing the ivy, she had a painting done to remember it. Now, she has the art and the vines forever.

Lori: “And it was Help Me Howard, and then who comes along is my angel, Patrick Fraser, who did everything you could by shining a spotlight on my heartache.”

Glad to help, Lori.

Alretha: “It’s just disgusting. This don’t make no sense.”

And remember Alretha, living in one of the nastiest apartments you could imagine?

So filled with leaks and mold her rental furniture was ruined. The rental store wanted Alretha to pay $3,300 to replace it.

Alretha: “I’m just stressed out.”

Her landlord wouldn’t pay for the rental furniture ruined by mold. Instead, he evicted Alretha for complaining.

Her story aired, South Florida took her in, donating $8,422.

Alretha: “I paid the furniture bill off. I’m in good shape, I’m living good.”

She was able to rent a small trailer. No leaks, nice and comfortable, thanks to Help Me Howard viewers.

Alretha: “I want to thank everybody. They helped me out. That was a blessing, and I really appreciate it.”

One bit of bad news.

I don’t want to make a ruckus, that’s not my purpose.

We were lucky enough to help Vangie Commeau, a fascinating 100-year-old woman.

Vangie: “It was a privilege to meet you. I feel like I have made friends. Thank you so much.”

Sadly, this year, Vangie was laid down to rest. Within a couple of minutes, a friend who was with her said she stopped breathing.

Bless you, Vangie.

Another elderly lady is much happier.

Milt: “They want both of us out, and they want the property is what they want.”

After Milt moved from Michigan to take care of his mother, his association came after him.

Even got an order for a writ of possession that read the sheriff was commanded to remove Milt Collins and all others residing in the property.

Annie: “They want to throw me out for keeping him.”

Legally, they can’t evict Annie.

A judge later vacated the writ of possession, and Annie and Milt got what they wanted.

Our story aired.

Annie: “And, all of a sudden, things stopped, and it went away.”

The association stopped bothering them.

Annie also put Milt’s name on the property through a quick claim deed to insure they are not bothered anymore.

Howard Finkelstein, 7News Legal Expert: “I mean, that’s, that’s a lot of stress on an elderly woman that doesn’t understand the system.”

No stress for Annie. Peace and quiet for Milt.

Milt: “It’s a very unique situation to find somebody to come help and help me. Howard, Patrick Fraser is one of those people that I would highly recommend, too.”

Give Milt credit.

He never backed down. He fought the association and won. Lori fought for her ivy and won.

The lesson never give up, you can win. They did.

Got a problem not growing on you? Ready to leak the story out? Contact us because we have possession of the fight to win for you.

With this Help me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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