(WSVN) - She is legally blind and sometimes needs the help of her fiancée, but her association wouldn’t let him move in. Why? It’s a Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser that takes a strange twist-and here it is.

Christin enjoys life with one problem you initially can’t see.

Christin De La Rosa: “I have retinitis pigmentosa. I still have central vision, but I still miss things here and there.”

Christin can see what’s in front of her, but in 2012, she was declared legally blind because she has no peripheral vision, plus she can’t see in the dark and bright sunlight bothers her.

Christin De La Rosa: “I still bump into things. I, I don’t see things when they fall on the floor. I might miss your hand if you went to shake my hand to introduce yourself. And it’s not intentional.”

Christin is proud and independent but she needs help. And her fiancée Ony has subtle ways to guide her.

Christin De La Rosa: “When he’s holding my hand, If he twists a certain way, it means go behind and go to the left. Step up.”

To help Christin even more, they decided to live together in Christin’s condo. Guess what Onys welcome to the neighborhood was:

Ony Velez: “I stayed the night and they towed my car.”

Ony was told he had to have the condo board’s permission to move in. He applied.

They rejected him.

Christin De La Rosa: “Then they came back saying he doesn’t meet the requirement of the credit score that we want, so he can’t live here.”

Christin of course wonders what Ony’s credit score has to do with living in her condo.

Christin De La Rosa: “I own my home. I’ve had no late payments. I pay my mortgage. I pay the HOA dues.”

Christin’s eyesight is now getting worse.

Christin De La Rosa: “I need more assistance now because of my disability.”

But as you may have noticed in South Florida, condo boards don’t bend, and in their eyes, a credit score overrides Ony wanting to move in to help his legally blind girlfriend.

Ony Velez: “We don’t want any issues or anything like that. We just want to live at ease and at peace.”

Christin De La Rosa: “But they just don’t seem to care.”

The financee of a legally blind condo owner is being blocked from moving in with her because of his credit score.

Can they do that, Howard?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “No. One reason may be wrong and the other may be illegal. Let me explain. While associations have a right to check your credit report if you are buying or renting, it makes no sense if you are an occupant like Ony who doesn’t pay the mortgage. And because Christin is considered disabled under the law, legally the association is required to make a reasonable accommodation. In this case this means they have to allow Ony to move in to help Christin.”

The Jacaranda Villas condo board didn’t want to talk to us but wanted to see proof Christin is legally blind, and asked how she was able to grocery shop and have a job.

This is why boards need good attorneys and they had one.

After we contacted Eric Glazer and showed him proof Christin is legally blind, he wrote, “Thank you for providing this information that I certainly did not know about,” adding, “Ony is afforded the right to park and the right to use amenities. I hope we all now consider this matter closed.”

Christin De La Rosa: “I’m happy that this all worked out. We just have to organize now. Unpack.”

Ony is moving in with with Christi after their call to Help Me Howard.

Ony Velez: “We just want to thank, Help me Howard and the legal team, and your help as well for helping us out. We really, we really needed it.”

Glad we could help. And while the board probably changed their minds because of Christin eyesight problems, they also were on shaky ground trying to deny Ony because of his credit score.

Imagine trying to tell a parent their adult child can’t move in because their credit score isn’t good enough. Makes no sense at all.

Feel boxed into a corner? Ready to unpack a solution ? Move over to our side because we never loose sight of our goal; helping you.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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