(WSVN) - Can your child be tested for COVID without your permission? Can some employees be forced to eat outside away from other employees? Plus, remember the brave 100-year-old lady battling her condo association? An update to her story, and COVID questions answered, in tonight’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

COVID. Everyone is sick of it: the masks, the mandates, the vaccines, the unanswered questions.

Such as, when a child started sniffling at school, they tested him for COVID, without his parents’ permission.

Well, his mother wants to know if they can do that without asking her. Howard?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “No, they cannot. They must have parental consent before testing a student 17 and under. The only thing they can do is send them home. If this happens to your child, file a complaint with the State Department of Education.”

A business is telling employees who are not vaccinated they cannot eat lunch inside and have to go outside. Is that legal?

Howard Finkelstein: “Yes, it’s legal, and it’s smart. Since they are letting you work without the vaccination, when you take the mask off, it’s a risk to other employees inside. It’s less risk outside.”

Another one from an employee: Workers who are vaccinated wear a sticker on their ID, and it’s clear those who are not vaccinated because they don’t have the sticker. She wants to know if it’s illegal to disclose private medical information.

Howard Finkelstein: “No. Here is why: because each employee has the right to decide whether or not to wear the sticker and disclose that they are vaccinated.”

A question we’re really hearing a lot lately. Landlords are jacking up rent for people without a lease or when a lease expires. One viewer told me she got hit with a 25% increase. She thinks during COVID, that’s price gouging. Is it?

Howard Finkelstein: “It’s a great question, but there is no legislation to block rent increases, so it’s legal no matter how much it is.”

From questions and answers, to a solution for a wonderful 100-year-old woman.

Vangie Commeau: “My brother Clayton died during the 1918 flu.”

Vangie Commeau has been on this earth for 10 decades. Evangeline Commeau goes by Vangie.

Patrick Fraser: “Did you ever think you would live to be 100?”

Vangie Commeau: “No, I didn’t. You don’t plan it. It just happens.”

She is an artist, an author of two books, and when she called us, a condo owner upset at her board.

Vangie Commeau: “I don’t want to make a ruckus. That’s not my purpose.”

Her Carriage Hills condo board got rid of the security guard and issued each resident a decal on their car to open the gate.

Ms. Commeau doesn’t have a car, so she asked to put the decal on a card. They said, “no car, no decal,” and so, she had to phone residents to try to get in.

Vangie Commeau: “I hate to bother people when it’s something stupid.”

We asked for a decal for her. They said no.

We asked for a code to open the gate for Ms. Commeau. They said no.

And then our story aired.

Patrick Fraser: “How did you look?”

Vangie Commeau: “Well, like an old lady.”

But the little lady had an impact, as people were stunned at what a condo board was doing to her.

Vangie Commeau: “Before, I was just a little old lady who didn’t matter, but now I got their attention.”

After our story aired, the board changed their minds and gave her a number to call to open the gate when friends take her out to run errands. That’s all Ms. Commeau had been asking for.

Vangie Commeau: “When I came back, it was such a delight to have the freedom to enter my home.”

One hundred years old, still healthy, still determined, still speaking up when she knows she is right.

Patrick Fraser: “It was great to meet you. It was a privilege to meet you.”

Vangie Commeau: “I feel like I’ve made friends. Thank you.”

Ms. Commeau fought, Ms. Commeau won.

Vangie Commeau: “Thank you so much.”

Patrick Fraser: “Take care, God bless you.”

Vangie Commeau: “Thank you.”

Patrick Fraser: (blows kiss) “Have a great day. We’ll see you later. Bye-bye.”

When you turn 100, Howard, I will blow you a kiss as well.

Howard Finkelstein: “I have been waiting 25 years for that.”

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