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(WSVN) - We all know how badly the people of the Bahamas needed basic supplies after Dorian hit the islands. One young lady came to South Florida to ship those supplies back to her family and friends but much of it didn’t make it. It’s tonight’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

You have heard their stories a thousand times, but recalling Hurricane Dorian doesn’t make them any easier for the story tellers.

Kevrielle Grant, shipped supplies are missing: “It was like nothing I have ever seen before. In my 27 years of living, I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Kevrielle and her family made it through Hurricane Dorian. It was stunning.

Kevrielle Grant: “The water came inside about waist deep, but outside it was, like, to my shoulders.”

Kevrielle took a picture of her car after Dorian finally passed. As the water receded, their homes were a mess.

Kevrielle Grant: “Furniture had to be thrown out, but like I said, thank God for life. Everybody survived.”

As the clean up inside moved on, Kevrielle came to Fort Lauderdale to buy supplies for her family and friends.

Kevrielle Grant: “Well, I went and grocery shopped. I got water, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, washing detergent, food and stuff.”

Kevrille has the receipts to show she spent about $700. She then headed to Port Everglades where she paid $180 to ship the items to Grand Bahama.

Kevrielle Grant: “I purchased a pallet from the Baleària. I had a guy help me pack the bin and wrap it up to be transported to Grand Bahama.”

Kevrielle got on board the Baleària. She made it to Grand Bahama and waited for her pallet to be unloaded.

Kevrielle Grant: “I was informed that my pallet didn’t make it onto the boat with me.”

Didn’t make it the next day or the next day. Finally seven days later, her pallet arrived. Well, half of it did.

Kevrielle Grant: “Washing detergent was missing. I had about 15 cases of water — only two was left on my pallet.”

Kevrielle contacted the shipping agent.

Kevrielle Grant: “The only thing they said is that they have to go through their warehouse and see.”

But weeks later, the supplies are still not there. Kevrielle’s family still doesn’t have electricity, and especially needs the water and canned goods.

Kevrielle Grant: “We are going through a tough time right now. I really need my stuff. I really need my items.”

Well Howard, Kevrielle didn’t insure her needed supplies that are going to another country. Is she out of luck?

Howard Finkelstein, 7 News Legal Expert: “No, because you don’t need insurance. The contract with the shipping company says they will deliver the goods. When they did not, they breached the contract, and they either have to replace the goods or pay for what was lost and for shipping.”

I spoke to a representative from Baleària. He said after Dorian, the number of pallets they had to ship quadrupled — that it was chaotic. They searched for Kevrielle’s supplies and found some, but the rest are still missing.

He has spoken to Kevrielle and will pay her when they determine the price of the lost items.

Howard Finkelstein: “When you are going to ship, whether it’s on a boat to another country or a delivery service in the U.S., read the contract to determine what is covered if your items are lost or damaged. If need be, buy insurance to replace the items.”

Kevrielle Grant: “Once they compensate me, I will be fine.”

As soon as Kevrielle gets the money for the lost supplies, she will head back to South Florida for more food and water, as they slowly recover from Dorian.

Kevrielle Grant: “Thank you so much, and I appreciate all of your help. You did an amazing job.”

Glad we could be a little help, and it’s going to take a long time to rebuild the Bahamas. The people there need you.

To help the Bahamas and donate money, click here. Help them if you can.

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