5-year-old expelled from school

(WSVN) - She didn’t get along with the school PTA president and principal. As a result, she says her 5-year-old son was expelled from school. Can a child be kicked out of a school because of a parent’s behavior? For the answer, let’s bring in Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

Her name is Precious — an unusual name.

Precious Ross, battling son’s school: “My mom just said that my dad named me Precious, and he wanted to name me Precious Love.”

When her son was born, she named him Kaiden, but she will tell you … he’s precious also.

Precious Ross: “I like to think so, yes.”

A cute little 5-year-old who loves to learn … and then Precious went to a PTA meeting.

Precious Ross: “I raised my hand, she pointed me out.”

Precious asked the PTA president of the learning center about the costs parents were going to be charged for the pre-K graduation. And then she asked another question … and another.

Precious Ross: “It was a dictatorship. She told the parents what she wanted.”

The meeting ended.

Precious Ross: “And the next day, I received a phone call from the director of the school saying that the PTA president did not want to deal with me, so they are going to remove my son from the graduation.”

Kaiden would not be allowed to graduate with his 5-year-old classmates. Then, when Precious brought him to school, the news got worse.

Precious Ross: “We looked at the sign-in sheet. In the sign-in sheet there were expulsion papers.”

The private school had now expelled Kaiden. Precious was stunned…

Precious Ross: “That you would go to such drastic measures for your personal vendetta, with me having my own opinion and asking questions at a PTA meeting, that you would take it out on a 5-year-old.”

Precious complained to the owner of the private learning center.

Precious Ross: “She said, ‘I’m who you talk to, I am the president and the owner. There’s nothing you can do about it.'”

Precious went from surprised to steaming.

Precious Ross: “There was no reason for him to be expelled. He did nothing to deserve that.”

Well, Howard, can they kick her son out because of Precious?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “In a public school, absolutely not, but it’s different if it’s a private school or learning center. Because they own the place, they get to set the rules, and when you enroll, you agree to those rules. If you violate one of those rules, your child can be kicked out of school. The good news — the expulsion does not go on the child’s record.”

I spoke to the owner of the Carol City Early Learning Center.

Darphine Snell was adamant that she acted properly. She said while the child did nothing wrong, Precious verbally abused the staff and her four different times.

Precious says that’s not true.

When I asked Snell if expelling Kaiden was good for the child, she said, “Let me ask you a question, is that verbal abuse good for my staff?”

Her conclusion? Verbal abuse by parents will not be tolerated, and enough was enough.

And then Precious had to tell Kaiden he would not be going back to school with his friends.

Precious Ross: “‘I am not going to get to do the dance.’ ‘I am not going to get to say the speech.’ He said, ‘I am not going to get to celebrate before big kid school.'”

And Precious has enrolled her son in a public pre-K, so hopefully he can be in their graduation ceremony.

Now, it surprised me that a child cannot be kicked out of a public school because the principal and a parent don’t get along. However, if it’s something much more serious, like a parent threatening teachers, then the school might be able to move the kid to a different public school.

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