(WSVN) - She bought at $10,000 CD from a bank several years ago. Recently, she tried to cash it in and was told we don’t have any record of your CD. Can a bank lose your money? It’s why she deposited the problem with Help Me Howard and Patrick Fraser.

Enid is a Realtor, who of course sells real estate and makes videos about real estate. Even writes books to help you sell your own piece of real estate.

Enid Bavard: “How to purchase properties, and how the selling and buying process goes.”

Now, if you are a Realtor, showing someone how to sell their house on their own would seem to cut Enid out of the deal.

Enid Bavard: “If you think that way, could be possible, but I think they will appreciate my advice, and they will always come back to me.”

More proof Enid loves to prepare: back in 1997, when her son was young, she bought this CD to help pay for his college education.

Enid Bavard: “I bought a CD of $10,000 from Barnett Bank, and I packed it away, and I lost it.”

Recently, Enid was going through an old box of documents and finally found the $10,000 CD.

Enid Bavard: “I was so excited. I couldn’t believe when I found it.”

Enid couldn’t wait to cash in the CD. With interest over the past 27 years, it would be worth just over $39,000.

Enid Bavard: “I went to Bank of America, which purchased Barnett Bank, and they told me that they had no records of it.”

The CD was purchased at Barnett Bank in 1997, which was bought out by NationsBank that same year, which merged with Bank of America in 1998.

And now, in 2024, the records of the CD have disappeared.

Enid Bavard: “You trusted them with your money, and at the end, the money magically disappears?”

Enid argued she has the CD.

She says a bank rep told her you can cash the CD without showing the CD.

Patrick Fraser: “Is it possible the CD was cashed?”

Enid Bavard: “I don’t think so.”

But the bank had no record of anyone cashing it in. So Enid then checked with the Florida Unclaimed Funds Account in case one of the banks turned it over to the state.

It wasn’t there, either, leading Enid to her one and only conclusion about the CD.

Enid Bavard: “It is in the bank.”

Well, Howard, with bank mergers and acquisitions, can a bank say they can’t find your CD?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “They can say it, but in a court of law, they have to prove it. If they have no record of the CD, they can’t prove anything, so if Enid sued, she should win.”

We contacted Bank of America about the missing Certificate of Deposit.

A spokesperson wrote to us, “We conducted a comprehensive search of our available records. We were unable to find any record confirming that Bank of America has or had the CD.”

In a letter to Enid, they said, “They keep records for seven years,” and it was likely the “account was closed more than seven years ago.”

Enid Bavard: “I think it’s totally unprofessional and totally unfair. This could happen to anybody.”

But Enid is not going to give up.

Enid Bavard: “I’m thinking of suing the bank. Absolutely. “

You can’t give up. With interest, it’s nearly $40,000.

And, if you have a CD in the bank, stay on top of it. Make sure the bank still has it, and when it comes time to renew, check to see if you can get higher interest rates in another bank.

Also, we mentioned unclaimed properties. To see if you have any money in Florida or any state, the links are below this story. You never know what you or a relative forgot about.

Someone deposited a problem with you? Have no interest in keeping it? Let us try to cash you out. We may not be money in the bank, but we’ll do our best to withdraw the headache from your life.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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