Heat themed manicures

I think the saying goes the more Heat-themed manicures there are the more three pointers the Miami Heat will score. Right? Isn't that the saying?

SHANTAE HUDSON: "I don't think the heat needs that though. I think that they're just amped up and ready."

Alright, but if you still want to send all your positive ju-ju to the Miami Heat.

SHANTAE HUDSON: "Could throw a heat party. You could invite some friends over, get your nails done, pamper yourself."

Thats Shantae Hudson — a nail polish magician. She'll make sure your nails are Heat-ified.

SHANTAE HUDSON: "You can do 3d art, you can do simple, you can do the heat colors, you can do different designs with rhymestones. You can get their numbers, their jerseys, my nail techs can do anything."

Shantae's team will bring the fun over to your place and make a true Heat fan out of you.

SHANTAE HUDSON: "They will come to your home, no matter how many ladies that you have, and they will do their nails, you can throw a big party, whatever type of designs that you want, they'll come to you. Nails, feet, you name it."

There are thirty five nail polish colors in shantae's "oh so dollish polish" collection, And they're all really hotttt.

SHANTAE HUDSON: "The moment that it hits your nails its very vivid, and I designed it like that because I hate to get nail polishes and the color is not right there. I love vivid nail polishes."

Hah! Kinda like Birdman's tattoos.

Finally, the busy, the lazy, the entirely pre-ocupies have absolutely no excuse not to represent their team and get their nails done in the process

SHANTAE HUDSON: "A lot of people are on the go, you have that mom thats on the go, she doesnt have time to sit in the nail salon. Every mom loves convenience, every woman period loves convenience."

And every Heat fan loves to show their pride to the fullest.