Whether he's rolling, bouncing or spinning it. Harlem Globetrotter "Special K Daley' knows how to work a ball. SPECIAL K: "We've been around for 87 years. People have loved us for a long time. To be apart of this team and carry on the tradition is very special."I met up with the hip hoopster #21 Downtown Miami at the American Airlines Arena. Special K and his team: The Harlem Globetrotters: Are on tour playing a new kind of game.  SPECIAL K: "It's called you write the rules tour. The fans can acutally go to harlemglobetrotters.com and actually vote on the rules are playing with during the game. Once the game starts, the referee is going to let us know, what rules you guys picked." Before the big gig K was up for a special challenge. Shireen: "So we're going to play a game of one on one."SPECIAL K: "Yes, I'm nervous, but think i'll manage."What he didn't know? He was about to take on a champion.  After warming up swish, swish, swish.Shireen: "I don't want you to bounce the ball at all..SPECIAL K: "That's your rule."Shireen: "That's my rule. you can't bounce or shoot."I pushed, double dribbled, and deco-up'd my opponent. Special K struggled to keep up. I'm sure it was because I was wearing my high-heeled sneaker wedges. SPECIAL K: "She fouled me."As quickly as it started – it ended.- mainly because i couldn't breath.SPECIAL K: "She's tired."Shireen: "Look I'm wear this dress. It's hot!."It also ended because I did indeed, get a 3-point tip -at the top of my interview. Shireen: "Any advice to me?"SPECIAL K: "Yeah, don't win."No one loses when they watch the Harlem Globetrotters.Shireen: "What can people do if they wanna check out the game." SPECIAL K: "They can go to harlemglobtrotters.com or they can call me call me!"You write the rules — is Sunday at the AAA at 4p.m.  

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