Guns in Homes

WSVN — The entire nation was left shocked and saddened when the Sandy Hook shootings unfolded on television.

Parents everywhere feared that if this could happen, are their children safe?

Lizzie Bicknell: "You guys want to tell me your day numbers today?"

Lizzie Bicknell is one of those parents.

Lizzie Bicknell: "It was very traumatic, it was extremely devastating for I think any parent to even consider that to happen."

The tragedy in Connecticut brought up a new issue for Lizzie and other parents.

Lizzie Bicknell: "Recently have become aware that some households have guns."

Gun ownership. Whether you are for it or against it, would you want to know if your kids are going to play in a house where there are guns?

Lizzie Bicknell: "I would ask them if they have a gun in their house."

7's parenting expert Dr. Valerie Goode said parents should not be afraid to come right out and ask the question.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "If a parent becomes defensive because you've asked if they have a gun in the home, don't send your child there."

Dr. Goode said the question really is are the parents responsible?

If they own guns, are they locked up and out of the reach of children? She said now is the time to teach your child what to do if they come across a gun.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "Maybe they should go and call you or maybe they need to find the adult in the house and say I'd like to go home now."

Eight-year-old Grammercy and six-year-old Auggie are allowed to play with toy guns, but mom has serious concerns if they were ever exposed to a real gun at someone else's home.

Lizzie Bicknell: "If somebody said, 'want to see my dad's gun?', I think they would most likely say yes."

She said she never would have considered asking a parent if they have guns, until now.

Lizzie Bicknell: "It would be like asking them, 'are you a trustworthy person? Are you going to keep my kids safe?'"

But Lizzie believes ultimately, it comes down to the parent teaching the child to be responsible.

Lizzie Bicknell: "I need to educate my kids. It really does come down to them making good decisions and that goes for anything that's dangerous."

Dr. Goode said it's the same principal if the parents don't keep their medicines or alcohol locked up and away from kids.