Guerline Noel

WSVN — She was a wife and mother who liked to help people, but one night she was brutally murdered in her own home. As Patrick Fraser tells us on tonight’s Out for Justice, a year has gone by, and the case is cold, but detectives are still determined to find her killers.

Your eyes tell you Guerline Noel was beautiful on the outside. Know her, and your heart would tell you she was beautiful on the inside as well

Clauvens Cenor: “Really a nice person; quiet, playful, loved families, and [she was] a people person, really loved school.”

She was Clauvens’ wife, 3-year-old Marvin’s mother, and a full-time nursing student.

Clauvens Cenor: “She only had one year left. In June that just passed, she would have graduated and finished.”

She would have graduated, would have been nurse, except for what happened her in her home early in the morning on July 4th, 2013, just after midnight, as Guerline was studying for a test.

Clauvens Cenor: “My son was running around making noise, and she say, ‘Baby, there’s no way I could be studying with him making all that noise. Let me just go sit in the car for like 30, 45 minutes.”

While she was sitting in the car studying, two black males walked up.

North Miami Beach Police Detective Cora Mann: “And asked her for money. She said she didn’t have any money. The males made her go inside her home.”

Clauvens was watching TV when he heard Guerline calling for him.

Clauvens Cenor: “I saw two guys, dressed all black, wearing no masks, with gloves, with gun pointed behind her head, and that’s when I say, ‘Whoa, what’s going on?'”

The crooks began ransacking their house, looking for money. They put Clauvens’ family and Guerline’s sister in this bathroom.

Clauvens Cenor: “I told them, ‘We can’t stay like this. We gotta do something.’ And the only thing that came to my mind: open the back window and jump out.”

Clauvens and his sister-in-law climbed out the window. Guerline would not jump and stayed behind, clutching her son, keeping the door shut.

Cora Mann: “The subjects could not open the door, so they shot through the door, and I guess Guerline was holding the door, like sitting back to the door, and she got four shots in the head.”

Clauvens had run to a neighbor’s house to call police when he heard the shots. As he raced home, he saw the men running away.

Clauvens Cenor: “She was laying down with blood all over the floor, and when I went to her and touched her, she wasn’t moving.”

The 29-year-old mother was dead. The son she had held was fine. The two killers were gone.

Cora Mann: “We need all the help we can to open this case back up, a new lead.”

Maybe these sketches of the two killers will help. Two young black males, one about 6 foot 1 and thin, the other 5 foot 9, stocky with a dark complexion. One sounded Jamaican when he spoke. The other never talked.

Cora Mann: “We need to get involved as a community. We need to be more caring about what happens to each other.”

Maybe someone in South Florida can help, so that when little Marvin grows up and asks who shot through a closed door and killed his mother while she held him, he can see the killers’ faces in prison.

Clauvens Cenor: “I’m still bleeding inside with the situation. I know there’s a reward out there for whoever knows anything, but hopefully somebody calls and says something.”

They cowardly shot through a door and killed a mother holding her son. They won’t hesitate to kill you, too. If you think you know a name to go with one of these faces, give Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers a call at 305-471-TIPS.

And if you have lost a loved one and want to remind people you are always out for justice, give us a call. With this Out for Justice, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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